Over at Flickr, they’ve been sitting and waiting over the last week for the two billionth photo to be uploaded. This is a huge milestone for them and they were obviously pretty excited about it. The Flickr team even made bets on the exact date and time (the winner guessed November 11th) that the photo would be uploaded. It finally happened, and the lucky “winner” was a user named “Yukesmooks” who uploaded a picture (shown below) of a gum tree taken in Chinatown in Australia.

Don’t feel bad if your photo wasn’t the “winner” though, because Flickr didn’t even give Yukesmooks a prize (like a free year of a Pro account?)! All they did was create a quick post on the Flickr blog documenting the two billionth milestone. The user did end up getting a bunch of congratulatory comments on their page, so I guess that was the “prize.”  As Mashable pointed out, at least the photo was a nice clear picture instead of a blurry picture that didn’t deserved to be uploaded in the first place, or one of something… less appropriate.

flickr two billionth photo

While Flickr is celebrating (and rightfully so), I can’t help but chuckle at the fact that Bill Gates still has more dollar bills than Flickr has photos.  When you think about the thousands and thousands of users who upload photos left and right, it’s hard to believe that all of their efforts combined still don’t amount to what Bill Gates has in money. I know, I know, photos and money are two separate things, but it’s still a funny thought. So congratulations to Flickr… May you one day have as many photos as Bill Gates does money!