Wolfram alpha chrome extension

I’m a pretty big fan of both Google Chrome and Wolfram Alpha. When you merge the two some beautiful things start appearing, such as the Chromey Calculator extension that I mentioned last year. It’s an excellent way to quickly perform both simple and complex calculations that most normal calculators would never be able to handle… such as telling you how many calories are in a Big Mac and large fry from McDonald’s.

The only thing bad about Chromey Calculator is that you won’t get the full Wolfram Alpha experience since you can’t see some of the pretty charts and extra data that they normally throw at you. That’s where the Chrome Alpha extension comes into play. It lets you search Wolfram Alpha from within the extension, and displays the same results you’d get from the site in a slightly more condensed form. You’ll still get all of the charts and extra data, but it will be optimized for the smaller space where it is displayed.

Before having extensions like Chromey Calculator and Chrome Alpha I had always forgotten to use Wolfram Alpha for searches, but not anymore. I now use it several times a day for all kinds of conversions, calculations, and some other pretty random stuff. I’m continuously amazed at just how much data they’ve accumulated.

Chrome Alpha Extension for Google Chrome