Woot Zune

This is deal is for U.S. residents only.

We’ve got yet another deal if you missed out on the 30GB Zunes for $100, and you think that brown is the new black. Woot is slashing the price of the brown Zune media player back to $80 simply because “people don’t like brown Zunes.” Tack on the $5 shipping charge and you’ve got yourself a 30GB media player for a mere $85!

Seeing that this thing can double as a file storage solution (with a small hack) is enough to make anyone think long and hard about picking one of these up. As always with Woot deals you do not know how long it will be before these things sell out, and Woot is trying to comfort people who are contemplating the purchase of an “ugly” brown Zune:

People love bulldogs because they’re so ugly. Bags of defective jellybeans sell just as well as the regular ones. And the most valuable stamp in the world is the one with the airplane printed upside down.

If brown is a bit much Woot is also selling the black and white versions of the Zune on their Yahoo! partner site, but those still have the $100 price tag on them. The Zune 2 release date is set for sometime in November, but the original Zune (the one on sale at Woot today) will be getting many of the same features via a software upgrade.