If you have not heard, WordPress 2.0 has been released and is out of the beta version. My site is run off of this software and it is very well put together. The upgrade for me was seamless, all I had to do was transfer the files over (leaving my wp-config.php and wp-content folder unchanged as stated) and it just worked. Of course, there were some ‘hacks’ that I had done to it that I had to go back and put back in the files, but the upgrade was all done in less than an hour.

One of my main ‘hacks’ is the user registration process. I have created a method so that the user can make their own passwords so that an email address isn’t vital to the user creating an account. The coding for the registration process changed a little in the upgrade so I couldn’t just use my old wp-register.php file, instead I had to go back through it to implement it again.

I guess I can’t complain with all of the new features that I have acquired by performing the upgrade. I hope more of you perform the upgrade because the differences, especially in the admin section, can be seen very quickly. The AJAX features that it now has implemented are also a big benefit!

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