wordpress google gears.pngWhen WordPress 2.5 was released earlier this year the development team spent a lot of time focusing on the commonly overlooked administration area. Anyone running their own WordPress blog knows how much time you spend on the backside of things, and so this update was very much appreciated. WordPress 2.6 is due out in mid-July 2008, and with it comes even more new features for blog administrators!

What kind of new things will WordPress 2.6 bring? For starters it will have early support for Google Gears. You might be thinking that since it supports Google Gears authors will be able to write articles offline that can be published later on, but that’s not the case at all. Instead, WordPress 2.6 utilizes Google Gears to increase the online performance for administrators, and it does this by downloading frequently used images and static files onto your computer via Google Gears. That way when you’re navigating around the administration area of your blog it won’t need to load the JavaScript files or images since they’ll already be on your machine. This is therefore supposed to increase the responsiveness of the online interface.

One of the other more interesting features WordPress 2.6 will have is a post revision history. This will save copies of your posts as changes are made to them, and you’ll be able to restore a post back to any of the states available. Plus WordPress will even highlight the changes for you, which is especially handy if you have multiple authors working on a blog. This is all very reminiscent of how Wikipedia handles revisions.

Those are two of my favorite features in the upcoming WordPress 2.6, but you can expect to see some other new stuff as well:

  • A new and improved image editing dialog that offers lots of control over the images in your posts
  • A “Press This” bookmarklet for tumblelog style quick posting
  • Theme previewing as seen on WordPress.com
  • Built-in word counting in the post editor
  • The ability to disable remote publishing for the security conscious
  • The ability to relocate your content directory
  • The ability to move wp-config.php out of your web root
  • Drag-and-drop sortable galleries
  • Bulk delete, activate, and deactivate for plugins
  • and more…

All of this is currently available in the WordPress 2.6 Beta, or you can wait for the final release of the content management software which is due in mid-July.

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