Numbers on maps are no longer needed with the way that Worldmapper does things. They have a unique approach to displaying maps where they make countries and territories larger the higher they are in the statistic. The example map that I have shown above is for the total world population in which it is apparent that India is at the top of the list.

Total there are 227 maps available some of which help to illustrate trends. One of the prime examples for that are the maps for population:

  1. Population at Year 1
  2. Population at Year 1500
  3. Population at Year 1900
  4. Population at Year 1960
  5. Population at Year 2050
  6. Population at Year 2300

The only problem with the maps is that they give you a good idea of the statistic relative to other countries and not the actual magnitude of the numbers. Looking at the population maps there are few differences between them despite the population increase to 134 trillion in 2300. They are all pretty interesting though like the Aircraft Departures and Alcohol/Cigarettes Imports. Browse through them because I’m sure you’ll find it to be kinda fun…but it is educational, too. ;)

Thanks for the tip Ed!