Remember the Milk in Gmail

Remember the Milk just became the task manager service on the Internet. If you’re running Gmail 2 in Firefox you can install the new Remember the Milk extension. It makes use of the heavily integrated Greasemonkey functionality that Google introduced in Gmail 2, and to be honest it is nothing short of amazing.

The Remember The Milk extension adds a sidebar located next to your Inbox. It does take up a reasonable amount of room, but it also makes managing your tasks sooooo easy! If it gets in the way you can just hit the little arrow to the left of your task list, and it will seemingly disappear for the time being.

After using this for only a few minutes I’m completely astonished with everything it has to offer. I had full control over adding, removing, and organizing the tasks that are displayed. To add a task you just have to type it into the text box, and here are some examples of the things it recognizes:

  • Pick up the milk
  • Call Lizzie at 9am tomorrow
  • Return library books in 2 weeks
  • Finish report, tag with work

To make things even easier Remember the Milk included a few options that can be found in your Gmail Settings -> Tasks section. There you’ll be able to choose if you want tasks to automatically be created for any email that your star or apply a specific label to.

Remember the Milk Gmail Hover

This is going to be tremendously helpful in getting myself organized. I visit my Gmail Inbox all of the time, and having my task list displayed immediately next to it will ensure that I don’t forget about what needs to get done. Thanks Remember the Milk…I may pick up a Pro account just to show my appreciation!