Infinite mouse

We’ve covered some apps that will wrap around your mouse when it reaches the left or right side of the screen, but Mousinity is one of the first we’ve seen to do all four sides of the screen. That means it can jump from the left and right sides, but also from the top and bottom.

I think these tools normally only work on the left or right sides of the screen because the wrap around affect is awesome when you have several monitors side-by-side. If you have a screen with a high enough resolution (or put multiple monitors vertically) being able to employ this feature along the top and bottom edges of the screen is pretty awesome, too.

Something I should note is that there is no interface for Mousinity, which means if you want to close the app you either need to do so through the Task Manager or you can run the app again and it will ask whether you want to close it.

Mousinity Homepage (Windows only; 32/64-bit; Freeware)