Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


xbox 360 rrod.jpgMicrosoft Solves Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death?
It only took about 3-years after the official release, but Microsoft believes that they have finally managed to correct the issue(s) that lead to red rings of death on the Xbox 360. We’ll have to give it a few months to see if the gamers agree.

firefox logo.jpgFirefox 3.1 Won’t Ship this Quarter  
Mozilla is struggling to get Firefox 3.1 out the door due to some problems they’ve come across with the new JavaScript engine called TraceMonkey. They’re pushing to resolve the bugs so that they can keep TraceMonkey in this release, but it sounds like there is a possibility of it being pulled.

windows 7 logo.jpgFeatures in the Windows 7 Release Candidate
Microsoft has put together a list of features and tweaks we can expect in the upcoming Windows 7 Release Candidate. They are trying to wet our appetites with things like Aero Peek when using Alt+Tab, Taskbar scaling, and more.

iphone apps.jpgHow iPhone App Management Should Be
Apple definitely needs to rethink how we manage the organization of apps on the iPhone. This concept video created by a passionate user shows how simple it could be when done through iTunes. Being able to sort them by “most used” would definitely be a nice feature to have.

gmail upload.jpgGmail Gets Better Attachment Handling
The Gmail blog has thankfully announced that when attaching files to an email you can now hold down the Ctrl key (Cmd on OS X) to select multiple documents. That’s right… you no longer have to do them one at a time! This is one of the features I’ve been submitting to their surveys since the very beginning.

google earth atlantis.jpgGoogle Earth Reveals Atlantis? Nah.
There was a lot of talk going around in the last week or so regarding a suspicious pattern found on the ocean floor in Google Earth. Some thought that it could be the sought after Atlantis, but Google has chimed in to say that the findings are nothing special.

box.net documents.jpgBox.net Unveils Document Editor
Box.net has taken an intelligent step forward by offering an integrated document editor that users can take advantage of. You can choose to make your documents private or public, and share them online.

office logo.jpgOffice 14 Won’t Ship in 2009
Steve Ballmer has come out and said that Office 14 won’t be shipping in 2009, which will likely disappoint those people who thought that the office suite would once again be released side-by-side with Windows. The new Windows 7 has a rumored release date of the third quarter of 2009.

iphone tag.jpgiPhone will Tag Photos Taken with Other Cameras?
After digging through the new iPhoto ’09 some people have managed to find references to GPS synchronization with the iPhone. That way when you sync your iPhone it will be able to use the time and GPS stamps from the device to geotag your photos that were taken with a non-GPS enabled camera.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

online photo editor.jpg15 Online Photo Editors
Been looking for a good online photo editor? This awesome guide outlines 15 different sites along with some of their limitations and features that set them apart from the crowd.

ubuntu notifications.jpgGet Ubuntu’s New Notifications Now
Want to get your hands on the new sleek notification system that will be included in Ubuntu 9.04? If you don’t want to wait 6-weeks for the new release these instructions will get them up and running on your current system.

pdf to word.jpgOnline Service Converts PDF to Word
Sometimes it can be handy to convert a PDF document into a Word file so that it can easily be edited. This free online service will let you do just that with PDF files up to 10MB in size, and the turn around time for receiving the converted file is pretty quick.

earth.jpg10 Ways to Donate CPU Time to Science
If there’s one thing that geeks like to do it’s donate their computer’s idle time to science. This article outlines 10 different ways you can do that.

browser benchmarks.jpgUpdated Browser Benchmarks
With the release of Safari 4 Beta a lot of people have been wondering how it actually stacks up against some of the other browsers. Lifehacker put the various browsers through their paces, and some of the results are pretty interesting.

mac dock.jpgMac Dock and Windows Taskbar
Neowin has put together an awesome an overview of how the Mac Dock and Windows Taskbar have evolved over time.

free antivirus.jpg9 Free Antivirus Programs for Windows
One thing is for sure, and it’s that there is no shortage of free antivirus applications on Windows. This guide includes popular alternatives as well as some you probably haven’t heard of yet.

ie8 accelerators.jpg10 Useful Internet Explorer 8 Accelerators
The IE8 Accelerators feature hasn’t received a lot of publicity, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. You can set it up to do things like search Wikipedia, lookup the weather, and more.

monitor wrap cursor.jpgWrap the Cursor Around Multiple Monitors
If you use several monitors in your setup it can get rather tedious to move the cursor from one edge of the desktop to the other. A free tool called Multi-Monitor Mouse will help remedy that situation by simulating a wrap-around feature. Basically when you’re mouse hits the edge of one monitor it will jump back over to the opposite monitor.

backupurl.jpgBackupURL Archives Websites
A nifty site called BackupURL is like having your very own on-demand Wayback Machine. At any point you can enter in a URL and it will instantly create an archive of all the content on the site, and it will provide you with a URL so that you can share the cached version with other people.