Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


hulu.jpgHulu to Push a $9.95/month Subscription in May?
There is a rumor that as soon as May 24th Hulu might be moving to a subscription-based service for anyone that wants to watch older episodes of select popular shows, such as Glee or Lost. The most recent five episodes will remain free, but beyond that you’ll have to pay $9.95 per month for access. This isn’t unexpected, but I think people would be more willing to pay for access if they also threw in higher quality videos or faster access to the latest episodes.

iphone4.jpgThe Next iPhone
As all of you probably know by now Gizmodo got a hands-on (using questionable methods) with what will likely be the next generation iPhone. The new phone has a front-facing camera, micro-SIM, flash for the rear-facing camera, larger battery, and a redesign. It goes without saying that this news has been widely covered, and in the last week the main article has drawn in over 8 million views for Gizmodo.

–News in Brief–

firefox login manager.jpgAza Raskin’s Ideas for Firefox Identity Management
Aza takes a look at how the user experience for managing online accounts can be improved

search suggestions.jpgGoogle Maps Does Search Suggestions
Google has rolled out search suggestions for their Maps service, which will “intelligently” recommend options it thinks you’re looking for.

microsoft store.jpgWhat’s playing on the Microsoft Store TV Wall?
A look at how Microsoft uses 120 of their 47″ TV’s (a combined resolution of 57000 x 1080) in their store.

ifixit.jpgiFixit Lets Users Contribute Repair Instructions
iFixit is becoming more like instructables.com in that users can now submit their own guides.

100 bill.jpgNew $100 Bill Harder to Counterfeit
The new $100 bill has even more anti-counterfeit measures in place, including a “3D” security ribbon.

mcafee update.jpgMcAfee Update Brings Down XP Machines
A false positive in the McAfee antivirus software inadvertently removes the svchost.exe file on some Windows XP machines, and causes an endless cycle of reboots.

pocketpc.jpgPocketPC Turns 10
About 10 years ago Microsoft unveiled the first Pocket PC, and the funny thing is that I still have my original Pocket PC. In fact I took it out just the other day to see if it still powers up, and it does.

google government.jpgGoogle Exposes Government Requests
Google maps out how many requests have been made by governments for either turning over data or the removal of content.

blackberry 6.jpgBlackBerry OS 6.0 Screenshots
Boy Genius Report breaks down the new features in the next generation BlackBerry OS.

android flash.jpgSign-up for Flash Beta on Android
You can sign-up now to be part of the beta program for Flash on the Android (when it becomes available later this year).

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

1password windows.jpg1Password for Windows Beta
I’ve been using 1Password for about two years now on my Mac, and it is a great password management utility. I’m happy to see that they are now testing out a Windows version, but keep in mind that in the end this is not a free app. Still, it’s one of the few apps I’ve used that I’ve actually felt is worth purchasing as opposed to using one of the free alternatives.

–Tips in Brief–

skydrive letter.jpgUse Office 2010 to Map a Drive Letter to Your SkyDrive Account
You can actually make your SkyDrive appear as a local drive by using Office 2010.

form data.jpgRecovering Form Data in Firefox
This Firefox extension will help you recover data that you were typing into a form… be it from the browser crashing or you accidentally closing the tab.

notesync.jpgNoteSync: Take Notes and Sync them to Google Docs
This cross-platform Adobe Air-based app lets you quickly take notes and sync them to your Google Docs account.

sync butler.jpgAutomatically Sync Recent Files to USB Drive
Sync Butler will automatically move recently modified files (from folders you specify) to a USB drive.

audio extractor.jpgExtract the Audio from a Video File
With this free Windows app you can quickly extract the audio used in a video.

join mp3s.jpgJoin Multiple MP3 Files Together
Merge any number of MP3 files together into one single file.

dexpot windows 7.jpgDexpot Virtual Desktops Gets Better Windows 7 Integration
A newer version of Dexpot includes a plugin that uses the Aero Peek for managing up to 20 of your virtual desktops.