Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


flickr 3 billion.jpg3 Billion Photos Uploaded to Flickr
Flickr hit a big milestone yesterday as their counters rolled over the 3 billion photo mark. It’s remarkable that so many photos have been uploaded to their service, and I’m happy to have contributed nearly 7,000 myself. Here’s to the next billion! Congrats!

live mesh mac-1.jpgWindows Live Mesh for Mac
Microsoft has finally rolled out a version of Live Mesh for Mac users. You can now sync files not only between remote computers, but they can also be running different operating systems.

ubuntu 810.jpgUbuntu 8.10 Released
Ubuntu 8.10 was pushed out the door right on time last week. One of the more notable improvements in this release is full 3G support, which means you can take the Internet with you wherever you go (provided that you have some sort of 3G service).

aol logo.jpgAOL Criticizes Gmail for Stealing Ideas
The AOL Mail blog has assembled an article that bashes Gmail for all the ideas that Google stole from their own mail product. I guess AOL can’t accept the fact that there are now bigger and better tech companies than themselves.

dell laptop.jpg100,000 Notebook Batteries Recalled
Another 100,000 notebook batteries are being recalled from HP, Toshiba, and Dell. The batteries were manufactured by Sony, and a full list of affected models can be found at the link I provided. How come none of their own Vaio laptops are plagued with this battery issue?

windows taskforce.jpgMicrosoft Listening to Aero Taskforce Site
Long Zheng says that Microsoft is apparently listening to the Aero Taskforce site that he started a few months ago. The site aims to point out oddities and issues in the operating system, and some issues have been corrected for Windows 7. [related]

gmail logo.jpgSMS Text Messaging Coming to Gmail Chat
Google prematurely released a Gmail Labs feature that would let you send SMS text messages via Gmail chat. They’ve pulled back the feature so that they can correct some bugs, but they expect it to be available again in about two weeks.

crossover.jpgCodeWeavers Struggles with Giveaway
Last week us [link] and nearly every other technology site wrote about the free giveaway of CrossOver Pro. Well, it turns out that 750,000 licenses were requested amounting to nearly $45 million worth of software. While that sounds like a huge loss I’m sure word got out to a lot of people who had never heard of their software, and in the end this essentially became a massive amount of advertising for CodeWeavers.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

gmail firefox extensin.jpgIntegrate Other Google Services into Gmail
This Firefox extension will let you integrate Google Calendar, Reader, Notebook, and Groups all into the Gmail interface.

ubuntu-1.jpgInstalling Ubuntu 8.10 on a Mac
Are you a Mac user that wants to try out the new Ubuntu? TUAW walks you through some of the various options you have at your disposal.

windows media player.jpgWindows Media Player 12 Review
Ars Technica wrote up a review of Windows Media Player 12 that’s found in the current pre-release build of Windows 7 [link]. They’ve provided several screenshots showing of the “brighter and lighter” interface.

john_s background switcher.jpgJohn’s Background Switcher Updated
I absolutely love John’s Background Switcher for automatically rotating through desktop wallpapers. It has gotten a rather big update which lets you subscribe to media RSS feeds such as those at DeviantArt, Photobucket, and more. [our review]

windows explorer.jpgShortcut for Creating New Folders in Explorer
This is an AutoHotkey script that will assign the Ctrl+N shortcut for creating a new folder when focus is given to the Windows Explorer application.