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Facebook compromisedFacebook: 600k Compromised Logins Per Day
600k Compromised logins may sound like a lot, but according to Facebook that is only 0.06% of the over 1 billion logins that occur each day. They also say that less than 4% of the content shared on Facebook is spam.

Jailbreak iphone 4siPhone 4S Jailbreak is in Early Stages
The iPhone Dev-Team has come forward and posted images indicating that the process of jailbreaking the iPhone 4S (and iPad 2) for iOS 5 has begun. They appear to be making progress, but say that there is still a lot of work to be done before it is ready for release.

Google tv honeycombAn Update to Google TV is Coming
Google TV users will soon be receiving an update to their devices that is easier to navigate and faster to find the things worth watching.

Windows 8 task managerWindows 8 Task Manager Provides Better CPU Interface
Last week Microsoft showed off the new heat map interface for viewing CPU load across all your processors in the Windows 8 Task Manager.

Hp touchpadHP Keeping PC Division
HP has decided that they won’t be ditching their PC division, but the webOS division will still be shut down.

Xoom100k Motorola Xoom Tablets Shipped In Q3
Motorola only managed to ship 100k Android-powered tablets in the same amount of time that Apple shipped 11.1 million.

Google plus photo editorGoogle+ Now With Image Editing, Popular Posts, and More
Google is pushing their social network forward by implementing some Instagram-like image editing, a popular posts view, and some other features Google+ users will surely love.

Sony ericssonSony Buying Out Sony Ericsson for $1.4 Billion
Sony is taking over the mobile Sony Ericsson business for $1.475 billion, which will give Sony more control to create mobile devices that integrate with their other products.

Nokia windows phoneFirst Two Nokia Windows Phones Announced
Nokia and Microsoft have taken the veil off of the first two Windows Phones that will be made by Nokia. Initially they will only be available in some European markets, and will expand across some parts of Asia by the end of the year.

Nokia maps iosNokia Maps Available for iOS/Android Through Browser
Nokia released a version of their popular mapping software that is available through your mobile iOS/Android browser, and it even includes the ability to cache maps for offline navigation.

10th birthdayWindows XP Celebrates Its 10th Birthday
It’s hard to believe but Windows XP has been around for over 10 years now, and there are still people that are adamant about not upgrading to anything else.

Project sliceProject Slice Keeps Track of All Your Electronic Receipts
Slice is an interesting free service that will scan your email looking for things you’ve purchased and then aggregates that information into one central list.

Nest thermostatNest Will Offer an Intelligent Thermostat
The Nest thermostat will bring a touch of elegance to the way you manage the temperature in your home.

Chrome web storeNew Google Chrome Brings Focus to Web Apps
The newest version of Google Chrome that was pushed out the door comes with a redesigned New Tab page that puts Apps front and center. They’ve also changed the look of web store where you can download the apps and extensions.

Bluetooth 4Bluetooth 4.0 Standard Announced
The iPhone 4S supports the new Bluetooth 4.0 standard, which is destined for wireless devices that need to connect using as little power as possible.

Netflix envelopeNetflix Lost 810,000 Subscribers in Third Quarter
Netflix has been the center of a lot of negative attention over the last few months, and their loss of 810k subscribers is proof that customers don’t like the changes they’ve been making. Since July 2011 their stock has gone from about $300 all the way down to under $100.

Iphone 4s cameraHow the iPhone Camera Has Changed Over the Years
This article has example photos taken with each of the five iPhones that have been released in the past, and compares them to photos taken with other dedicated cameras.

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Pandora adsPandoraEnhancer for Google Chrome
The PandoraEnhancer extension for Google Chrome removes ads and displays notifications when the songs switch.

PixelmatorPixelmator for Mac Gets a Major Update
I love the Pixelmator app on my Mac because it’s a low-cost alternative to Photoshop. The newest version adds a slew of new features, and is half price at only $30 right now.

Windows explorer alternative7Files: Windows Explorer Alternative
7Files is a free app that can be used for managing files on your Windows system. One of the things it boasts is the advanced filtering options which can make finding your files a little easier.

Notepad plus plus jumplistGet Windows 7 Jumplist Support in Notepad++
The NppJumpList plugin for Notepad++ adds Jumplist support to Windows 7 so that you can quickly access your favorite text files or perform actions (like creating a new file).

Mint ipadMint.com Available for the iPad
If you’re a Mint user you might enjoy the new Mint.com iPad app, which has a pretty sleek interface along with some nice charts that plot out how you spend your money.

Windows 7 thumbnailsCustomize Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnails
This free app lets you customize the appearance of the Windows 7 Taskbar thumbnails. You can change the thumbnail sizes, margins, and width.

Split outlook pstAutomatically Split Up Your Outlook PST Files By Year
This genius little app will take your existing Microsoft Outlook PST file and split it up by size and/or year. This goes back to the recommendation that your PST files shouldn’t be larger than a few gigabytes, but many people aren’t concerned about that until Outlook crashes.