Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


chrome stable.jpgNew Chrome Stable Release; First Non-Beta for Mac/Linux
Google rolled some new features out to those of you not running a pre-release version of Chrome. New in this version are things like file drag-and-drop, geolocation functionality, and more. The cherry on top is the fact that this also serves as a marker for the first stable release for both Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

–News in Brief–

zune pass.jpgMicrosoft Considers Dropping Price of Zune Pass
If the rumors pan out Microsoft could be dropping the price of a Zune Pass from $15 per month down to $10 per month, which makes this subscription deal an even better value.

verizon.jpgVerizon Looking to Scrap “Unlimited” Data Plans
At a recent conference Verizon said that they would like to move away from their unlimited data plans, and charge consumers for “buckets” of megabytes.

reshare.jpgGoogle Buzz Gets “Reshare” Feature
Google Buzz now has the equivalent of Twitter’s “retweet” functionality, and they are calling it “resharing.”

firefox home.jpgFirefox Home Coming to iPhone
In the next month or so Mozilla will be releasing an iPhone app that gives you access to your Firefox Sync (a.k.a. Mozilla Weave) information.

facebook privacy-1.jpgThings to Know About Facebook’s Privacy Changes
These are some things to keep in mind as the new Facebook privacy settings are rolled out.  

comscore.jpgComScore Goes Free for Startups
Startup companies that meet certain criteria can now take advantage of ComScore’s services for free.

tabnabbing-1.jpgNew Type of Phishing: Tabnabbing  
Keep an eye out for a new kind of phishing attack that may try to transform a site using JavaScript after the tab has lost focus for a few seconds. Not only is this informative, but it also serves as an example of how an attack like this could work.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

print conductor-1.jpgPrint Conductor: Bulk Print Docs
This Windows app will let you bulk print files from any of the 19 supported file formats. It prevents you from having to open each of the different programs, click print, and then move on to the next. Just drag all the files into Print Conductor, hit the print button, and you’ll be on your way. It should be noted that in order for some of the file types to work properly you’ll need to have the official applications installed (e.g. Microsoft Office).

–Tips in Brief–

open with menu.jpgRemove Programs from the Open With Menu
This guide explains what registry settings can be modified so that you can customize the Open With menu.

gpeasy.jpgA Really Simple Content Management System
This is an easy-to-setup CMS, and doesn’t even require a database to save your content.

iobit.jpgIObit Uninstaller Removes Browser Toolbars
All geeks should have this in their virtual toolbox… especially for fixing those machines that have been overrun by toolbars.

getfoldersize.jpgGetFolderSize Scans & Sorts Your Hard Drive
This is yet another app to help you identify large files and folders on your machine, but this one much more closely resembles the standard Windows Explorer interface.

trashme-1.jpgTrashMe: Application Uninstaller for Mac OS X
Mac OS X may not come with an application manager/uninstaller, but this free third-party tool will take care of the job.

media center.jpgChange the Look of Windows Media Center
A guide that explains how you can go through and customize the appearance of Windows Media Center.

utorrent falcon.jpguTorrent Falcon Provides Remote Management of Your Torrents
An add-on to uTorrent that will not only let you manage your BitTorrent downloads, but will also let you stream media files before they’ve finished downloading.

android 22.jpgAndroid 2.2 Screenshot Tour
An excellent walkthrough that covers all of the new features in Android 2.2, and accompanies each of the features with related screenshots.