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Amazon press conferenceAmazon Holding Press Conference September 28th
On Wednesday Amazon will be holding a press conference, and it is assumed that they will use that time to unveil the tablet computer they’ve been quietly working on.

Skydrive windows 8Windows Live Preview for Windows 8
In this article Microsoft demos some of the things you can expect from the Windows Live integration in Windows 8.

Facebook timelineFacebook Gets New Features
Facebook is rolling out a new Timeline view, and will also be integrating third-party services like Netflix and Spotify soon.c

Bing lossesMicrosoft Has Lost $5 Billion on Bing Since 2009
Despite Bing gaining search market share they are still taking losses every quarter, and if you add up all the loses since 2009 when Bing launched it would come to a total of $5.5 billion.

Htc dropboxHTC Users Getting 5GB of Dropbox Storage
If you buy an HTC phone in or after October 2011 you’ll be graced with an extra 3GB of free Dropbox storage bringing your free account up to 5GB.

Gmail multiple mobile signinGoogle Brings Multiple Sign-ins to Gmail Mobile
The Gmail mobile site now supports signing into multiple Gmail account, and makes switching between them a breeze.

Pandora html5Pandora Rolls Our Redesign to Everyone
The HTML5 interface that Pandora has been working on is now out for public consumption. Aside from the new interface they have also removed the 40-hour listening limit (per month) for free accounts, but you’ll obviously still get ads.

Core cluster30,000-Core Cluster on Amazon EC2 Costs Just $1,279 Per Hour
Need a little extra computing power that is ready whenever you need it? One vendor is demonstrating the power of Amazon’s cloud by building a cluster with 30,472-cores running CentOS Linux. It also has 26.7 terabytes of RAM and 2 petabytes of disk space, but comes at a hefty price tag $1,279 per hour.

Harmony linkLogitech Harmony Link Turns Your iPhone/iPad into a Universal Remote
The $100 Logitech Harmony Link is available for preorder, and once you get your hands on the unit it will turn your iPhone or iPad into a universal remote control complete with a TV guide.

Windows 8Desktop Apps Will Run on Windows 8 on ARM
There was a lot of speculation whether full-fledged Windows 8 desktop apps will be able to run on the platform if the user has an ARM processor in their machine, and Microsoft confirms that it will be possible. The catch is that developers will have to recompile the programs for the ARM architecture.

Google walletGoogle Wallet Announced
Google Wallet capitalizes on NFC chips in phones, and allows you to pay at any MasterCard PayPass kiosk.

QwiksterNetflix Renames DVD Rental Service to Qwikster
Netflix stirred up customer complaints a few months ago when they started charging for their streaming and DVD-by-mail service separately, but now that move is starting to make sense. Netflix is splitting the DVD service out into its own company called Qwikster, and will also be offering video game rentals as an upgrade to the DVD plan.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Pandora mac menu barGet Pandora in Your Mac Menu Bar
PandaBar is a $5 app from the Mac App Store that will let you control Pandora music playback right from the Mac menu bar.

Windows 8 file historyUsing the Windows 8 File History
Windows 8 includes a new File History feature that will keep iterations of files and documents backed up, and this explains how to enable the feature as well as how to use it.

Virtual desktops windowsVirtual Desktop Manager for Windows
Finestra is a free virtual desktop manager app that does what many others already do, but it also has an option to view thumbnail previews of all your different virtual desktops.

Windows 8 product keyWindows 8 Developer Preview Product Key
When installing the Windows 8 Developer Preview you don’t need to enter in a product key, but if you try to reset the Windows 8 installation it will require a product key. These are the keys provided by Microsoft so that you can successfully reset your system.

Windows 8 custom metroChange the Windows 8 Start Menu Background
If you’ve been playing around with Windows 8 you might be sick of the green background color. Well, this guide explains how you can update the background to help differentiate your machine from everyone else’s.