Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Android nexus eventGoogle Holding an Android Event on October 29th
Google is having an Android event on Monday, October 29th. They are expected to announce the next milestone for Android as well as a new Nexus phone.

Google samsung chromebookGoogle’s New Chromebook is $249
Starting today you can pickup one of Google’s new Chromebook laptops that are made by Samsung for just $249. The price drop is at least partially due to the switch from an Intel processor to ARM chip.

Ie10IE10 Coming to Windows 7 in November
Microsoft has announced that a preview release of IE10 will be available to Windows 7 users in November 2012, and the final release date will depend on the feedback they receive.

Htc j butterflyHTC J Butterfly Preview Packs 440PPI
The HTC J Butterfly was shown off in Tokyo with a packed 1080p 5-inch display, which works out to 440PPI. There is no word on when it might come to the United States.

Microsoft surfaceMicrosoft Surface Preorders Start at $499
You can preorder a Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows RT starting at $499, but the base model has already sold out of the available preorders.

Xbox musicXbox Music Announced for Windows 8, iOS, and Android
Microsoft is starting a Spotify-like streaming music service that will be called Xbox Music. It will be $10/month for ad-free streaming, and will be available for Windows 8, Windows 8 mobile devices, and the Xbox 360 initially. Android and iOS apps will be available shortly.

Xbox dashboard updateNew Xbox 360 Dashboard Update
Microsoft released a dashboard update for the Xbox 360 that includes an updated UI as well the Internet Explorer web browser.

Amazon boxAmazon To Hire Over 50,000 Seasonal Employees
Amazon will be throwing an additional 50,000 people into its fulfillment centers across the United States to keep up with the holiday demand. Wal-Mart also plans to hire around 50k, and Target said they will hire 80-90k for the holidays.

Apple ipad miniApple Announces Special Event for October 23rd
Tomorrow, on October 23rd, Apple will be holding an event where they’ve “got a little more to show you”. It’s expected that they will be unveiling a smaller version of the iPad.

EdublogsA Single DMCA Notice Takes Down 1.45 Million Education Blogs
A DMCA notice from Pearson sent to ServerBeach, a web hosting provider, resulted in all of Edublogs’ servers being shutdown. Around 1.45 million blogs were offline as a result despite the fact that the DMCA notice was only generated because of a single page on one of the blogs. Not only that but the page had been up since 2007.

Sprint logoJapan’s Softbank Snaps Up Sprint in $20 Billion Deal
Softbank, a Japanese mobile operator, will buy 70 percent of Sprint for a whopping $20.1 billion.

Skydive8 Million Users Livestream Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump
YouTube confirmed that there were more than 8 million viewers watching as Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space to break three world records.

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Openelec tv guideOpenELEC 2.0 Available
If you are wanting a dedicated media center PC the new OpenELEC 2.0 looks pretty appetizing. It is based on XBMC 11, and includes some anticipated features such as PVR functionality.

GroovesharkThe New Grooveshark
Grooveshark got a nice redesign last week complete with a revamped homepage, improved social networking, and additional tools for artists.

Google data centerStroll Through Google’s Data Centers
Google has brought Street View to their data centers which lets you walk through them as if you were there. Well, almost like you were there. You can’t open the cabinets and unplug the cables. Maybe that will be in the next update?