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SsdSSD Prices Falling Even More Soon?
DigiTimes is reporting that major SSD manufacturers are looking to cut the prices on the drives in order to squeeze out the smaller manufacturers that are trying to compete with them. So you might be able to expect a price drop on SSDs soon.

Vmware logoVMware Confirms Source Code Leak
VMware has confirmed that the source code for their ESX hypervisor has been leaked by a LulzSec hacker.

Unlocked nexusGoogle Selling Unlocked HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus for $399
If you are looking for a Galaxy Nexus to use on an HSPA+ network (like T-Mobile or AT&T) then Google is selling the device for $399 completely unlocked from their own online store. That’s quite a deal.

GmailGmail Storage Jumps to 10GB
In celebration of the Google Drive launch Gmail users should have seen their email storage jump from 7.5GB up to 10GB (and counting).

Google driveGoogle Drive Really Launches
The long awaited Google Drive has launched, but is a little disappointing for me. Google has traded in their highly affordable additional storage plans for more costly alternatives now that users can use the storage for just about anything. For example, getting an additional 20GB per year would previously run you just $5/year, but is now $25/year.

Facebook active usersFacebook Makes $4.69 Per User Per Year
Ahead of the Facebook IPO some interesting financial data has been slipping out. One of the more interesting stats is that Facebook makes around $4.69 per user per year. When you multiply that by the 901 million active users that works out to be a nice chunk of change.

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Windows 8Ars Technica’s Spin on Windows 8
Ars Technica has a rather lengthy article regarding their take on Windows 8. In the end they feel that the overall experience will be good for tablet users, but that the mix of Aero/Metro UI elements for desktop users is a bit of a mess.

Google quick applyGoogle Testing Quick Apply Feature in Google Docs
Google Docs is getting a nifty Quick Apply feature that is sure to spark a flame in any keyboard-lover’s heart. With it you can easily find and apply formatting features to your documents by typing out associated keywords instead of having to hunt down which menu they are tucked in.

Skydrive free 25gbSave Your Free 25GB SkyDrive Storage
Microsoft rolled out SkyDrive for the Windows Desktop last week, and in doing so they also cut back the amount of storage non-paying users get from 25GB down to 7GB. Fortunately when existing users login to their accounts they will be given the option to bump their storage back up to the 25GB for free. So you should login now to grab it before they take that option away.