Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Wwdc 2011Apple’s WWDC Keynote Today
Apple will be giving their WWDC 2011 keynote later today at 12:00PM CST. They previously announced that the focus will be on iCloud, Mac OS X Lion, and iOS 5.

Sony pictures hackedSony Pictures Gets Hacked, too
Sony can’t catch a break these days. The latest news is that Sony Pictures was hacked and up to 1 million accounts were compromised, including passwords that were stored in plain text. The hackers have posted 50,000 of the email/password combinations to prove this is legit.

Skype logoSkype Gets Reverse Engineered
A freelance researcher was able to reverse engineer the Skype protocol and encryption methods, and has posted his work for everyone to download.

Groupon logoGroupon and Pandora File for IPOs
Groupon is looking to raise $750 million with an IPO, and Pandora is aiming for $123 million.

Windows 8 screenshotNew Windows 8 UI Breakdown
Microsoft revealed the new tile-based UI that will be a available in Windows 8, and this article walks you through some of the different things they showed off. It also includes several of the demo videos for you to watch.

Twitter photo serviceTwitter Launching Photo Service and Search Improvements
Twitter announced last week that they will let users upload images using their own photo service though a partnership with Photobucket. They are also improving the way search results are fetched so that the focus is more on relevancy rather than just organizing results with the most recent first.

Eric schmidtTop Things Eric Schmidt Revealed at D Conference
Search Engine Land highlights the most interesting things that Google’s Eric Schmidt revealed at the D Conference, such as Apple renewing their search/maps deal for iOS.

Iwork iphoneApple Brings iWork to the iPhone
Apple already had the iWork suite available for the iPad, and going forward the three apps (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) will be universal apps that will run on an iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Nested gmail labelsNew Gmail Labs Graduates
Superstars, Nested Labels, and Advanced IMAP Controls are all becoming standard features in Gmail, and the Google Search Box lab is being retired.

LodsysLodsys Proceeds to File Lawsuits Against iOS Developers
Lodsys has started to file lawsuits against some iOS developers despite Apple saying developers using in-app purchases are covered under their licensing. Lodsys says they will give $1000 to anyone that is wrongly sued.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Aero wallpaper changerRotate Wallpaper and Aero Color Simultaneously
This free tool will not only rotate your Windows desktop wallpaper, but it will also adjust the color of your Aero glass to match your background.

Ccleaner macCCleaner Available for Mac Users
The popular CCleaner app for Windows has been brought over to the Mac, and while it isn’t as full-featured as the Windows counterpart it is still able to empty out temporary directories and supports cleaning up after a couple browsers.

Avast macFree Mac Antivirus by Avast
I’ve been a long time fan of the free Avast antivirus on Windows, and it is nice to see it making its way over to the Mac.

Freeze applicationsTemporarily “Freeze” Applications
Lazar Freezer is a free app that will let you “freeze” running programs, which essentially restricts the amount of CPU the program is allowed to use while frozen.

Pure reader extensionPure Reader for Firefox/Chrome is a Nice Google Reader Skin
If you’ve been looking for a way to freshen up your Google Reader interface this Firefox/Chrome extension will make the site feel like a well-designed desktop app.

FyelsShare Files Up to 9GB with Fyels
I’m not sure how long Fyels will be able to survive, but as of right now it will let you upload files up to 9GB in size without even creating an account. If you do create an account, however, you’ll also be able to remove files that you’ve uploaded.