Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


boxee box.jpgBoxee’s Set-top Box Revealed
Many of us have been clamoring for a dedicated device just for Boxee, and you can expect to see it in 2010. The Boxee Box will let you do all of the video watching you’re used to plus some. It supports most video formats including DivX, MKV, H.264, and much more. Plus the back side of the remote control is a full QWERTY keyboard. I have to admit that this thing looks pretty darn sweet, and it should run less than $200 when available.

google nexus one.jpgGoogle’s Nexus One is Well-Equipped
Last week Google announced the release of their Nexus One phone running Android 2.1, and the real beauty lies in the specs of this device. It has a 1GHz processor, 3.7″ OLED screen with 800×480 pixels, 5MP camera, 7-hour talk time, and more. They crammed a lot into this little package, and it sure shows in some of the demonstration videos I’ve seen.

–News in Brief–

hotmail.jpgMicrosoft Boasts About Excessive Email Storage
Microsoft wrote a blog post outlining some users who are consuming upwards of 23GB of email storage, and they play it off as a good thing!

pi.jpgPi Calculated to 2.7 Trillion Digits with a Desktop PC
That’s right, it took several months to complete but Pi was calculated to a record-breaking number of digits using nothing but a desktop PC.

hp slate.jpgHP Slate Computer Unveiled
The HP Slate prototype computer was shown off at CES, and was one of a few devices on stage with Steve Ballmer as he embraced computing without a keyboard.

chrome extensions.jpgGoogle Chrome (Dev Release) Adds Extension Support for Macs
The Google Chrome Beta didn’t support extensions on a Mac, but the newly available dev release does.

att android.jpgAT&T Will Get Android Devices
AT&T will be releasing five Android-powered devices in the first half of this year from manufacturers like Motorola, Dell, and HTC.

photoshop cs5.jpgSneak Peak at Photoshop CS5
The next generation of Photoshop will be bringing more real-life aspects to your graphical world.

office 2010 pricing.jpgOffice 2010 Pricing Released
Pricing for the Office 2010 suite of products has been posted, and ranges from $99 for an Academic professional version that comes with most of their products up to $499 for the same version for non-students.

app downloads.jpgApple Serving 350 App Downloads Per Second
Apple announced that they hit three billion App Store downloads in only 18-months. That means between now and the two billion download mark they were serving up an average of 350 downloads per second.  

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

firefox extension compatibility-1.jpgHow to Make Extensions Work in Firefox 3.6 RC
Using a pre-release version of Firefox means you’ll likely have some extensions that may not report they are compatible despite working just fine. Mozilla changed the way you override the extension compatibility checking recently, and you’re now required to enter about:config override settings for each pre-release version that’s made available.

speccy.jpgSpeccy Gives You the Details on Your System
Speccy is a free app from the creators of CCleaner, and it serves just one purpose: it gives you a breakdown of your systems hardware. There are some apps that give you more details than this does, but there’s no doubt that this will continue to evolve over time. Not only that, but there’s also a portable version that could be really handy.

comodo time machine.jpgComodo Time Machine Does Free System Backups
Comodo has released some quality products in the past, and they are continuing down that line with a complete system backup utility called Comodo Time Machine. It’s a free app that can create backups of your machine on a schedule, or you can manually kick them off whenever you feel they’re needed. Then when disaster strikes you can roll your system back to a better state.

–Tips in Brief–

windows explorer.jpgMake Backspace Key Go Up a Directory in Windows Explorer
This little script will let you use the backspace key to move up a directory instead of going back in your Windows Explorer navigation history.

handbrake.jpgFive Best DVD-Ripping Tools
Lifehacker covers some of the best DVD ripping tools you should have on your machine.

xint.jpgXint Text Editor is Another Notepad Replacement
The free Xint text editor offers syntax highlighting, hotkeys, text encryption and more.

windows notifications.jpgIncrease Windows Notification Timeout
This little trick will let you keep those notification popups in the System Tray open just a bit longer.

android 21.jpgAndroid 2.1’s Best Features in Screenshots
More of a visual kind of person? Checkout some of the things Android 2.1 has to offer in a nice series of screenshots with brief descriptions.

routerank.jpgFind the Cheapest Traveling Route
This site will let you enter in a starting and ending point, and it will then tell you what the cheapest and fastest ways are to get you there.

iphone exchange.jpgUse Multiple Exchange Accounts on a Jailbroken iPhone
This hack will let you configure multiple Exchange accounts on any Jailbroken iPhone, but I’ll warn you that this does mean you’ll need to modify a config file on the iPhone. So be careful.

itunes import.jpgEasily Convert M4A Files to MP3 in iTunes
This guide shows you how to convert some of your media files using the built-in importing tool in iTunes.

adobe air.jpgTop 30+ Adobe Air Applications
I’m still not a huge fan of Adobe Air (I don’t have it installed on any of my machines), but this is an outline of some of the more notable applications powered by the Air framework. While many are nice there are still more than enough alternatives available for people who don’t want to use Air-powered apps.