Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


delicious.jpgDelicious Isn’t Shutting Down, Yet
The Delicious team covers the rumors that were rampant last week about the service shutting down, and says there are no plans to do so. Instead they are trying to find an outside company where Delicious would fit in better.

android gingerbread.jpgAndroid 2.3 Gingerbread Source Code Available
Google has taken the lid off of the Android 2.3 source code, which will open the door to custom ROMs and whatever else developers will be able to come up with.

mac app store.jpgMac App Store Launching January 6th
Apple officially announced that the Mac App Store will open up on January 6th, and will launch in 90 countries.

google tv update.jpgGoogle TV Update Brings Netflix Support
A Google TV software update was released last week with Netflix search and browsing capabilities, a TV remote app for Android devices, and more.

bing.jpgBing Services Get Significant Upgrades
At the Bing Search event Microsoft showed off a wide array of new features across several of their web-based services. The list includes OpenTable integration, mobile app improvements, travel enhancements, better image search, and more.

airplayer.jpgAirPlay Hacked to Stream from iOS to a Mac
Erica Sadun has done some deep investigation to figure out how the AirPlay service works with the Apple TV, and has managed to come up with an app that will let you stream videos from your iOS device to a Mac computer.

raskin.jpgAza Raskin Leaving Mozilla
Aza has worked for Mozilla since 2008 as a Creative Lead for Firefox, and he is the source of several designs for products such as Firefox Mobile. He will be moving on from Mozilla starting January 1st to focus on a start-up called Massive Health.

gawker passwords.jpgTop 50 Gawker Passwords
Most of you have heard about how the Gawker network had data, including usernames and hashed passwords, stolen by a group of hackers. Over 188k of the passwords have been decoded, and this is a breakdown of the most popular passwords being used.

android refund.jpgAndroid Market’s Refund Window Changed
In the past if you downloaded an Android app from the Market you would get up to 24-hours to get a full refund, but they are now changing that to just 15-minutes. Why? My guess is games. A lot of people could probably download and get their fill of a game within that 24-hour period, and then get a no-hassle refund once they’ve had enough.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

security essentials.jpgMicrosoft Security Essentials 2.0
If you’re in the market for a great free antivirus app you should check out the latest iteration of Security Essentials. It includes Windows Firewall integration, a new protection engine, and more.

dropbox.jpgDropbox Adds Option to Selectively Sync Folders
The new Dropbox 1.0 has some significant performance enhancements and also includes the ability to selectively sync folders in the Dropbox directory on a per-machine basis.

extend taskbar.jpgzBar Extends Your Taskbar to Multiple Displays
There have been some popular paid apps to extend your taskbar to multiple displays, but zBar does all of that for free. It will also let you customize the wallpaper used on each of your displays.

google mobile 5 android.jpgGrab Google Maps 5.0 for Android Devices
If you’re an Android user the new Google Maps 5.0 and Google Maps Navigation (Beta) are must-have apps. You can explore maps in 3D and use the apps even if you lose your connection.

opera 11.jpgOpera 11 Offers Tab Stacking, Visual Mouse Gestures, and More
Opera’s latest browser milestone lets you group/stack tabs, a safer address bar, a visual guide to available mouse gestures, and more.

popular free downloads.jpgLifehacker’s Most Popular Free Windows Downloads of 2010
This guide includes over 15 of Lifehacker’s most popular free apps from throughout the year, and it’s worth taking a look at because some of them you may have forgotten about.

restore gmail contacts.jpgRestore Lost or Changed Gmail Contacts
If you make a mistake in your Gmail Contacts you can roll back to a version at any point over the last 30 days.

cyberduck.jpgCyberduck 4.0 Beta Available for Windows
The Cyberduck 4.0 public Beta is a great FTP client for anyone that connects to remote servers for file transfers. It supports Google Docs, Amazon S3, FTP (obviously), WebDAV, and more.