Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


crunchpad.jpgEnd of the CrunchPad
For quite awhile now the fantasy of a cheap tablet computer has been lurking, and went by the name CrunchPad. It was all started by TechCrunch who thought it would be possible to develop this kind of computer for around $200 to $300, and actively pursued the idea. Unfortunately, just as a release was imminent, they ran into some legal complications that has caused them to declare the project as dead.

kindle.jpgKindle Outsells Everything Else on Amazon for November
According to Amazon the Kindle outsold every other item that is available on their site for the month of November. That is quite an accomplishment for their device, but I guess you do have to take into consideration that no other merchant sells it. If you want a Kindle you have to buy it at Amazon. Either way that means a lot of people will be reading e-books for Christmas.

mininova.jpgMininova Goes Legal
One of the most popular BitTorrent sites, Mininova, has “decided” to go legal after five years due to pressure from a Dutch anti-piracy group. Now only torrents uploaded through their Content Distribution system are allowed on the site, and the results are apparent. Doing a search for “Windows” results in wallpapers, mini-guides, and other non-copyrighted content.

–News in Brief–

linux mint.jpgLinux Mint 8 Released
The newest version of this Ubuntu-based OS is even sweeter with bug fixes and improvements designed to make a newbies Linux journey that much better.

mac windows.jpgNo, Windows 7 Market Share Has Not Passed Mac OS X
There have been some people saying that the Windows 7 market share has already surpassed that of the Mac OS X user base. These stats, however, are only based off of web usage at this point.

bing cashback.jpgGet More Cashback from Bing
Bing is offering some crazy amounts of cash back on purchases made at select stores until December 2nd.

ebay sales.jpgeBay Maps Out Black Friday Transactions
eBay offers a new way to visualize sales on Black Friday from over 33,000 different ZIP codes in the United States.

microsoft office beta.jpgOffice 2010 to Ship in June 2010
According to the Office 2010 Beta site the suite of applications will be shipping sometime in June 2010.

android.jpgAcer Launches Android Phone
Earlier this year Acer entered the cellphone market with several Windows Mobile powered devices, and now they are working on their first Android phone.

chrome logo.jpgDell Releases Customized Chrome OS
Some employees over at Dell decided to make a version of Chrome OS that works well with the Dell Mini… despite the fact that the operating system is still in the early stages of development.

chrome extension.jpgChrome Extensions One Step Closer to Completion
Google has created a site for developers to upload their extensions in preparation for the big launch.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

google notifier.jpgAll-in-One Google Notifier App for Windows/Linux
Google offers so many different services now that it can be difficult to keep up with them all. This single notifier, however, will let you track your Gmail, Google Voice, Calendar, and Reader accounts. Whenever there is something new you’ll get a simple notification on your desktop.

screenr-1.jpgEasily Make and Share Screen Recordings
There can be nothing more frustrating than having someone try to explain a computer problem to you over the phone, and you trying to figure out what they’re actually seeing. This simple no-install site takes all the hassle out of making fast and easy screen recordings that can be shared with everyone.

mouse launcher.jpgA Mouse-Activated Launcher
I’m always keeping an eye out for a good application launcher, and this one looks like it would be pretty nice for the mouse lovers out there. It’s easy to load up with all of your favorite shortcuts, and can be activated by simply pressing the middle mouse button (or any other configurable mouse/keyboard shortcut).

–Tips in Brief–

coffee.jpgTemporarily Change the Default Program
Coffee is a free app that can temporarily change the default program for a given filetype.

play broken avi.jpgPlay Corrupt AVI Files
This application will actually play AVI files that some other programs may say are corrupt.

keyboard shortcuts.jpgUseful (and Somewhat Unused) Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard ninjas will enjoy the plentitude of unique keyboard shortcuts found in this guide.

mac theme.jpgMake XP Look Like Mac OS X
Give your Windows OS the same look and feel that Mac OS X users get.

remove drivers.jpgRemove Driver Files from Uninstalled Drivers
Clean up files that get orphaned after removing drivers from your machine.

wolfram alpha.jpgMastering Wolfram Alpha
There are so many things that Wolfram Alpha can be used for, and this list covers some of the ones you probably didn’t know about.

gvnotifier.jpgGoogle Voice Notifier
Windows users can grab this free app and get notified whenever there is a new voicemail or SMS in your Google Voice account.

ie bug.jpgSolving Common IE Bugs for Web Developers
Internet Explorer is notorious for giving headaches to web designers, but this guide tries to ease some of that pain.

backupify-1.jpgBackup Your Online Data
This isn’t your traditional backup utility… instead it’s a site you can use to backup your precious online data from your social websites.