Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


TouchpadHP Kills All webOS Devices
HP didn’t see a big payoff coming from webOS so instead of continuing to create more devices based on their platform they are now looking to license it out to other device makers.

SkitchEvernote Acquires Skitch
Evernote has scooped up Skitch, the Mac screenshot utility, which was just announced last week. Not only are they providing Skitch free of charge now, but they also released a Skitch Android app for free. This will definitely be a good purchase for Evernote.

Windows 8Windows 8 Will Have an App Store
Steven Sinofsky slyly confirmed in a blog post that Windows 8 will have an app store, which up until now was just a rumor.

Att messagingAT&T Only Offering Unlimited Text Message Plan Now
Starting yesterday AT&T dropped their $10 for 1000 text messages, and going forward you will either have to pay $0.20 per message or go with their unlimited plan for $20 per month ($30 for family plans).

Firefox 6Firefox 6 Ships with Minor Updates
Just 8 weeks ago Mozilla rolled out Firefox 5, and now they are already on Firefox 6. They are doing this in hopes of duplicating some of the success Google Chrome has had by teaching users not to care about version numbers.

Starbucks ios appsStarbucks Giving Out iOS Apps
Starbucks is apparently going to start handing out promo codes for paid iOS apps, and the first one they have up for grabs is Shazam.

Netflix kidsNetflix Launches Kid-Friendly Site
We mentioned a weeks ago that Netflix was working on a kid-friendly movie navigation system, and last week it officially launched.

Motorola water resistantMotorola Announces a Water-Resistant Phone
The Motorola DEFY, an upcoming smartphone, is unique in that it’s water resistant. You may not be able to take it very far under water, but it can stand up to the rain just fine.

Ps3 price dropPlayStation 3 Price Dropped
The PlayStation 3 is getting a global price drop, and here in the US the device was cut by $50 down to $249.

Grid10Early Peak at Fusion Garage’s Grid 10 and Grid 4
The people behind the JooJoo tablet aren’t throwing in the towel, and are instead expanding their line to include both a tablet and a phone.

Windows 8Microsoft Starts the “Building Windows 8″ Blog
Anyone excited about Windows 8 may want to follow the new blog Microsoft started last week dedicated solely to their next operating system.

Google motorola androidGoogle Buys Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion
Google dropped a pretty penny to snag the mobile division of Motorola, which produces many Android-powered devices.

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Grooveshark duplicate songsChrome Extension Removes Duplicate Songs in Grooveshark
Using this Chrome extension you can add some functionality to Grooveshark including lyric fetching and having duplicate songs removed.

RedquitsMake the Mac Red Close Button Quit Apps
This tweak fixes the issue that many Mac users complain about, which is the fact that the red button doesn’t always quit app when clicked. With RedQuits clicking the red button will act more like when you press Command+Q.

TabulateShare Multiple Chrome Tabs with a Single URL
This Chrome extension lets you share multiple tabs with someone using a single URL. That prevents you from having to copy and paste the URL of each tab separately, which in some cases could save a ton of time.

Encrypt notepadEncrypt Notepad++ Files with Plugin
I am a pretty heavy Notepad++ user, and it’s nice to know that if I ever wanted to encrypt a file I could use the SecurePad plugin to do it all from within the Notepad++ interface.

Battery testerTest Disposable Batteries Before Throwing Them Out
Lifehacker points out a $4 batter tester you can grab on Amazon to see if your batteries have enough juice to power some low-draw devices.

Artist radioSpotify Offers Pandora-Style Artist Radio
If you are looking for a way to discover some music in Spotify you can try the new Artist Radio feature that the company quietly added to their desktop app.