Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


WebosHP Making webOS Open Source
HP has decided to push the mobile-focused webOS into the open source community, and may even release webOS tablets later on.

Evernote foodEvernote Launches ‘Food’ and ‘Hello’ iOS Apps
Evernote has launched two new iOS apps that help you better remember both food and people.

Jawbone up refundJawbone Up Owners Eligible for Full Refund
Those of you who purchased a Jawbone Up bracelet are eligible for a full refund due to issues the manufacturer has identified.

Twitter redesignTwitter Gets Another New Design
It wasn’t that long ago that Twitter was redesigned, but they are at it again this time with web, iOS, and Android apps all being refreshed.

Google image tabletGoogle Image Search Enhanced for Tablets
Searching for images just got a lot better for tablet users thanks to Google. There is a new carousel view for flipping between images as well as infinite scrolling.

Verizon family data planFamily Data Plans Coming to Verizon in 2012
Verizon’s CEO said that they expect to have shared/family data plans coming in 2012.

Windows storeWindows Store Preview
This article provides some screenshots from the upcoming Windows Store, which will allow app submissions with the Windows 8 Beta due in February 2012.

Android downloadsAndroid App Downloads Top 10 Billion
Google announced that there have been more than 10 billion apps downloaded from their app store, and they provide some nice infographics breaking down information about the people downloading the apps.

Xbox 360 2012 dashboardXbox 360 Dashboard Update Rolls Out
Microsoft’s latest Xbox 360 Dashboard was pushed out to users last week, and brings a fresh UI along with a few new features.

Siri hackHack Brings Siri to Jailbroken iPhone 4
iPhone 4 owners that are willing to jailbreak their device can get Siri running, but be advised that all Siri actions get passed through the servers owned by the Chinese hackers rather than going directly to Apple.

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Kindle jailbreakJailbreak the Kindle Touch
The new Kindle Touch has been jailbroken using an MP3 file, which is pretty awesome. Now we just have to wait for the mods to roll in that take advantage of the device being jailbroken.

Twitter contentPut the New Twitter Content Pane Back on the Left
If you’re using the new Twitter interface you may have noticed that your timeline has jumped to the right side of the screen. This script pushed the content back to the left side.

Google currents appGoogle Currents: iOS and Android News Reader
Google’s latest app lets you read your favorite news in a magazine-like format.

Growl macGrowl Fork Adds Mac OS X Lion Compatibility
The team behind the Growl app on the Mac went to a paid model earlier this year, which used to be necessary upgrade for anyone wanting Lion compatibility. Someone has now forked the project, fixed the Lion bugs, and released the software for free.

Cpu intensive appsGet Alerted When CPU Intensive Apps Start/Stop
Something Is Ready is a useful Windows app that can alert you when a CPU intensive app starts or stops.

Windows defender offline betaWindows Defender Offline Beta
There is now a Windows Defender Offline Beta app that can be put on a CD or USB drive, and can actually be run when Windows isn’t running.

Pull to refreshMac Only: Pull to Refresh in Chrome and Safari
Mac users can enjoy the “pull to refresh” gesture in both Chrome and Safari thanks to a free extension.

Google graphing calculatorUsing Google as a Graphing Calculator
Google’s search engine is now able to detect mathematical formulas and plot the equations on a graph just like Wolfram Alpha does.