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Xbox 2011 dashboardXbox Live Fall 2011 Dashboard Update Preview
Microsoft is rolling out a Dashboard Update later this year, and Engadget has a pretty nice preview that shows off the Bing search, voice control, and the new Metro-style UI.

Windows 8 bootWindows 8’s Fast Startup
Microsoft has re-worked the way Windows 8 boots up, and has figured out a way to get your PC in a usable state within just a few seconds without using standby.

Zagat googleGoogle Buys Zagat
Google, who has been known to aggregate restaurant reviews from around the Internet, has purchased Zagat. Zagat is popular for their professional reviews of restaurants in major cities around the U.S.

Google music web playerGoogle Music Gets a Web-Based Mobile Player
There may not be a native Google Music app on iOS, but there is now a pretty compelling web-based app available.

Evernote logoEvernote Relaxes Restrictions on Free Accounts
Evernote users with free accounts can upload any type of files now, which previously was only a feature for premium users.

Netflix streamNetflix Streaming Limitations
Netflix has started to enforce some limits for people streaming videos online, but there was also an issue with how it worked. Some users were seeing that they couldn’t have more than one device streaming at a time, but Netflix confirms that users can do at least two concurrent streams.

Avg security wp7AVG Security Suite for Windows Phone Doesn’t Do Much
Within Windows noticed that the AVG Security Suite for Windows Phone 7 is only capable of identifying files with the EICAR test string in them, which pretty much makes it worthless. As a result Microsoft pulled the app.

Tivo premiere eliteTiVo Launching Quad-Tuner Box Available by End of 2011
The TiVo Premiere Elite will sport four-tuners and a 2TB drive that will hold up to 300 hours of HD programming. The box will cost $500 and will also have the $20 monthly fee attached to it when released later this year.

Dns hackPopular Sites Hacked with DNS Attack
Sites like The Register, The Daily Telegraph, and UPS were all taken over with a DNS hack about a week ago.

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ReceiptsBest Places to Buy Electronics Based on Return Policies
Lifehacker has assembled a pretty nice article outlining the return policies of many popular online stores.

File listerExport File List and Attributes to Text File
Simple File Lister is a free Windows app that will export a list of all files in a folder along with many of the associated file attributes.

Wolframalpha password generatorUsing WolframAlpha as a Password Generator
WolframAlpha is capable of a lot of things, and one thing that could be overlooked is its ability to generate random passwords for you.

Magic trackpad windows 7Apple Magic Trackpad Control Panel for Windows
This unofficial app will let you configure how Apple’s Magic Trackpad handles itself when running on Windows 7.