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hotmail outage.jpgWhat Happened in the Hotmail Outage
On December 31st, 2010 Hotmail users started reporting issues and suffered from missing emails. Microsoft explains what caused the issue and the actions that were taken to recover the lost data for the 17,000+ users.

samsung 9 series.jpgSamsung 9 Series Video
Engadget has posted a video of the Samsung 9 Series laptop that is being highly acclaimed for being slim and sleek like the MacBook Air.

qik.jpgSkype to Acquire Qik
Last week Skype officially announced that they entered into an agreement to acquire the Qik video streaming service.

windows phone 7 copy paste.jpgWindows Phone 7 Update Coming This Month
The pending Windows Phone 7 update due out later this month will deliver copy-and-paste in addition to some other small improvements.

mac app store.jpgMac App Store Open for Business
Apple has rolled out their Mac App Store for all existing Mac owners, and it provides a simplified interface for finding and downloading apps on your machine.

zynga.jpgZynga to Scoop Up Flock
Hot on the heals of Flock’s six-year anniversary comes news that the social browser will joining Zynga.

spotify logo.jpgSpotify U.S. Launch Delayed Because of Record Labels (duh)
Spotify was hoping to have launched in the United States by the end of 2010, but record labels apparently have high cash requirements that Spotify will need to adhere to get their service in the U.S.

android 3 honeycomb.jpgGoogle Shows Off Android 3.0 Honeycomb for Tablets
Google’s next generation of Android will focus on tablets, and has some nice UI innovations that they briefly demo in a video.

verizon policy.jpgVerizon Changing Ditching Early Upgrades?
There’s some mumbling around the web about a possible upgrade policy change for Verizon customers, which outlines their plan to get rid of their early upgrade pricing and force customers to wait 2-years to get discounted phones.

evernote stats.jpgEvernote Posts 2010 Stats
I’m an avid Evernote user, and I was extremely happy to to see that they are gaining new users in droves. Compared to 2009 they snagged 186% more registered users and 470% more premium users.

palm event.jpgHP Holding webOS Event on February 9th
There’s no telling what HP will officially be unveiling in a month, but all the speculation is that it will be a tablet-oriented version of webOS.

pirate bay.jpgTop 10 Bittorrent Sites
TorrentFreak covers the top 10 torrent sites that is based on the traffic rank reports from both Compete and Alexa.

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master password.jpgMaster Password+ Extension for Firefox
Worried about your password security? This extension will provide you with a wider range of options including an auto-logout timer.

google voice.jpgHow to Get a Google Voice Account Outside the U.S.
Digital Inspiration walks you through the steps needed to get a Google Voice account if you live outside the U.S.

freeocr.jpgFreeOCR Does Character Recognition for Your Documents
We covered this app a few months ago, but I’ve found it to be one of the better (free) OCR apps out there and thought it is worth another mention.

handbrake.jpgBatch Processing Available in HandBrake 0.9.5
The latest release of HandBrake adds batch processing so that you can bulk convert your videos.

record ubuntu desktop.jpgRecord Your Desktop on Ubuntu
The free recordMyDesktop app for Ubuntu will let you create screencasts on your computer in just a few clicks.