Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


eric schmidt.jpgEric Schmidt Resigns from Apple’s Board of Directors
In an official press release yesterday Apple announced that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, would no longer be holding a seat on their Board of Directors. Steve Jobs was quoted as saying the decision was “mutual,” and that Schmidt would have had a hard time due to the conflict of interests. Huh, I’m surprised it took this long. I would have thought they’d push him out once they started the Android operating system.

firefox.jpgFirefox Hits 1 Billion Downloads
That’s right. Since its initial release in 2004 Firefox has been downloaded over 1 billion times. Some stats go as far as to say that Firefox has over 30% of the market share, and I’m sure it will just continue to climb from there. Congrats! I’m sure at least a hundred of those downloads were done by me.

chrome.jpgChrome to “Push” Your Settings to Multiple Browsers
Google came forward and said that they are working on a framework that will allow the Chrome browser to stay in sync with other Chrome browsers that are being run by the same user. Instead of relying on the typical “sync” technology this will actually push the settings, which means that your changes appear instantly across all sessions. Now that will be cool.

windows upgrade.jpgWindows 7 Family Pack
Last week Microsoft outlined the pricing for upgrades in addition to the long awaited family pack. A family pack of 3-licenses for Windows 7 Home Premium will run you $150, which is $200 less than if you had to buy them all separate. Meh. I’m still a little bitter about Microsoft not providing an extra discount for Vista Ultimate users wanting to migrate to Windows 7 Ultimate.

gmail envelope-1.jpgGmail Drops “On Behalf Of”
Google has done it again. They have gone a step beyond everyone else with Gmail by letting users send email through a custom SMTP server. This is exactly what a lot of people have been wanting because the emails can truly look like they’re coming from a non-Gmail address.

windows 7 taskbar.jpgEvolution of the Windows 7 Taskbar
People I talk to have really taken a liking to the Taskbar in Windows 7, but how did it get to what we see today? This article has screenshots of three different milestones that show off Microsoft’s rather interesting thought pattern. I have to say that I’m pleased with the end result when comparing it to the previous iterations.

netnewswire.jpgNewsgator Products to Sync Only With Google Reader
For a long time I used Newsgator’s desktop RSS feed readers mostly because they were able to keep my news in sync across all my machines. Eventually, however, I shifted over to Google Reader because its web interface was far superior to what Newsgator offered. They’ve apparently noticed that as well, because now their flagship products (FeedDemon and NetNewsWire) not only support syncing with Google Reader, but they are also dropping support for their own web service.

windows 7 crack.jpgWindows 7 Activation Exploit Already Available
Here we are months before the consumer launch of Windows 7 and there’s already a crack for the activation system that is deeply embedded in the OS. It’s all thanks to a leaked product key from Lenovo, which Microsoft says will be blacklisted soon enough. It’s almost as if Microsoft is laughing in the face of pirates because they’re able to blacklist the key due to the fact that no machines have been shipped with that key activated. Man, this is really going to screw over pirates… for about a week until another crack comes out. Something tells me Microsoft won’t be getting the last laugh.

bing yahoo.jpgBing to Power Yahoo! Search
For at least the next 10 years Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) will be the driving force behind Yahoo’s search engine thanks to a deal that was recently signed. Microsoft also gets access to Yahoo!’s “search technologies” which could be interesting, but generally speaking I was rather underwhelmed by this news. I think people are making a bigger deal out of this than it actually is. From a user’s perspective all that will probably change is nice little Bing logo next to the search box. It’s not like the search results will get that much better or worse.

iphone jailbreak.jpgJailbroken iPhones Threaten National Security
Apple is trying to argue its case as to why a “closed” iPhone is better than an open one. They say that hackers who jailbreak their devices could issue commands that would render a cell tower completely inoperable. Oh man, I can’t wait for that app!

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

outlook delay.jpgHow to Schedule Outlook Emails
I’ve used Outlook for quite awhile, but what’s interesting is that I never thought about whether you could delay the sending of an email. Turns out you can do this. Using the “Delay Delivery” option you’re able to specify both the date and time you want the email sent.

hulu videos.jpgDownload Hulu Videos
This is a download you’ll want to check out if you’ve ever wanted to watch a television show on Hulu but weren’t connected to the Internet. This app will save the video to your PC so that you’re able to watch them even when you’re offline.

firefox logo-1.jpgFirefox Performance Tuning Guide
I’ve read quite a few articles and guides on tweaking Firefox to make it blow-your-socks-off fast, but I have to say that this one is rather nice because it brings all of the tips I’ve seen (plus some) into one central location. If you’re a “heavy” Firefox user the chances are pretty good that you’ve seen most of these before, but it will serve as a good reference if you ever have to setup your profile again from scratch.

rapidshare logo.jpgAutomatically Download Rapidshare Files
If you’ve ever had to download a bunch of files from Rapidshare you know how painful the waiting game can be. With this simple Greasemonkey script you can queue up your downloads so that you don’t have to sit there in front of your computer waiting for one to finish so that you can start the other. Just pull up the download page for the files, and let the script do the dirty work while you’re sipping tea at the beach.

chromifox extreme.jpgGoogle Chrome Theme for Firefox
I’ve always found it interesting how many themes get released for the various browsers that make them look like some other browser. For the most part you can skin almost any browser to look like IE, and now Chrome is starting to see some copycats as well. This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a Google Chrome theme for Firefox, but I have to say it’s got to be the best.