Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


IphoneAT&T Activates 1.3M More iPhones than Verizon in Q2
Everyone that thought AT&T was dead in the water after the Verizon iPhone was announced would be sorely wrong. AT&T is still activating a significantly higher number of iPhones than Verizon, but maybe that is just because AT&T has the cheaper 3GS version available still?


Google docs uploadGoogle Ups Max Document Size to 10GB
10GB per Google Doc sounds awesome, right? Well, users who are not paying for additional storage are still limited to their 1GB of overall storage so don’t get too excited.


Mac lion1 Million Downloads of Lion in the First Day
Apple Announced that their $30 OS X Lion download topped over 1 million downloads in the first day.


Google labsGoogle Labs Being Retired
The cord is being cut on 56 Google Labs projects as the company tries to focus a little more on what’s working for them. They have said, however, that service-specific labs (like Gmail Labs) will still remain in place.


Bing live tilesBing Getting Live Tiles?
Microsoft is experimenting with what appears to be some Windows 8-inspired live tiles on the Bing homepage, but not everyone will see this.


Firefox 8Firefox 8 to Come in 64-bit Flavor
Mozilla has started testing out a 64-bit version of Firefox 8, which is still several months away from release. Right now Firefox 6 is scheduled for release on August 16th, which means we are probably looking at the end of the year before we’ll see the first official 64-bit builds of Firefox available in a stable form.


Macbook airApple Updates MacBook Air and Mac Mini
Alongside the new desktop OS release Apple also rolled out updates to both the MacBook Air and Mac Mini.


Apple campusApple Scores $7.3 Billion in Profit for Q3
Apples third quarter results are in, and they are pretty good. $28.5 billion in revenue, $7.3 billion in profit, 20.3 million iPhone sold, 9.2 million iPads, 7.5 million iPods, and 3.9 million Macs.


FirebugFirebug Developer Joins Google Chrome Team
Firefox has been loved by developers for a long time largely because of the extensive Firebug extension, and now the developer behind that extension has been hired by Google to work on the Chrome team. Awesome!


Kindle textbookAmazon Launches Kindle Textbook Rentals
Kindle users (on all Kindle-supported devices) can rent textbooks at up to 80% off the normal price, and you can choose varying lengths between 30 and 360 days.


–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Gmail callMake Multiple Calls in Gmail
Gmail calling just got a nice enhancement where users can now make a second call and put the first one on hold. I see this being useful if you are receiving a call while you are already talking to someone.


TunnelbearConsumer VPN Provides Access to US or UK-only Services
This free VPN service will let you connect to sites as if you are living in the US or the UK. Free accounts get 500MB of transfer per month (an extra 1GB available with a tweet), or you can pony up $5/month to get unlimited bandwidth.


Mac lion diskMake a Bootable OS X Lion Disk
This guide will walk you through how to make a bootable disk from your Mac App Store download of Lion. You can then do a clean install by booting to the disk, running disk utility to format the drive, and then running the installation.


Lion reviewMac OS X 10.7 Lion Review
As with most OS releases Ars Technica has posted their lengthy review of Mac OS X Lion that really hits on just about every different aspect.


Swype ios keyboardSwype-Style Keyboard for iOS Improved
We mentioned this Swype-style keyboard last week because it is the first of its kind for jailbroken iOS devices. It has since received several improvements including a suggestion bar and path indicator showing the route your finger has taken on the screen.