Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Tumblr wordpress statsTumblr Surpasses WordPress.com in Number of Blogs
Most of us know how popular WordPress.com is, and so it is pretty big news when Tumblr can boast that they have more hosted blogs than WordPress. The count is approaching 21 million blogs.


Apple back to schoolApple Launches Back to School Promotion
Apple is changing things up a bit by giving students $100 in iTunes/App Store credit instead of an iPod Touch like they have in previous years.


RedditReddit Grows to 1.22 Billion Monthly Views
Not only is Reddit’s traffic growing (May 2011: 18.8 million unique visitors and 1.22 billion page views), but their development team is as well. They have brought on three new developers to help the site grow and improve.


Windows 8Windows 8 Release Date: September 2012?
At an event last week the Microsoft Corporate VP said that going forward they are trying to have a developers conference 12-months before a new Windows release, and the BUILD developers conference is in September 2011. So that would put the Windows 8 release at September 2012.


Garmin navigonGarmin Purchasing Navigon
Garmin rolled out a press release saying that they are, pending approval, purchasing Navigon which is one of the largest GPS brands in Europe.


Google searchImprovements to Google Search
Last week Google announced that they are rolling out additional search functionality including search by voice, search by image, and Instant Pages. The first two are self explanatory, and the Instant Pages is Google’s way of prefetching the top search result to help it load faster for you.


Iphone 4 unlockedApple Selling Unlocked iPhones
If you don’t mind forking over $649 for a 16GB iPhone (GSM-only) you’ll be able to get an unlocked iPhone that you can take with you around the world and use it with almost any GSM-compatible SIM card.


–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Mac calendarGet a Calendar in the Mac Menu Bar
This free Mac App Store program will add a menu bar item on your Mac that will display a calendar you can navigate through and also view upcoming iCal appointments.


KinectMicrosoft Releases Kinect Development Kit on Windows
As long as you’re running Windows 7 and own a Kinect you can grab the Kinect for Windows SDK to start developing desktops apps that take advantage of the Kinect hardware.


Windows phone 7 evernoteEvernote for Windows Phone 7
Evernote is now available on Windows Phone 7 and provides similar functionality as their app on other mobile platforms.


Google me on the webGoogle Helps Manage Your Online Identity
Some new options in your Google Account page lets you set up alerts that will notify you when they index a page that references your name, email, or some other text you want to watch out for.


Walking streetviewWalk Around Google StreetView with this App
You can give Google StreetView a more realistic feel using the StreetView Explorer app that makes it seem as though you are walking around an area.


Htc evo 3dHTC EVO 3D Review
This is My Next has a nice writeup about the new HTC EVO 3D that is due out on June 24th on Sprint. Overall they rate it an 8/10, which is pretty good, but the 3D aspect isn’t quite perfect yet.


System tray recycle binAdd the Recycle Bin to Your System Tray
MiniBin is a free app for Windows that will put your Recycle Bin in the System Tray. From there you will be able to quickly open and empty the Recycle Bin.


Gmail imagesPaste Images Directly into Gmail
Google has added an awesome feature for everyone with Chrome/Safari that uses Gmail. You’ll now be able to paste an image from the clipboard into the body of an email just as if you were using a desktop mail client.