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Android 4Google’s Android Update Alliance Being Ignored
Back at Google I/O there was a highly touted bullet point mentioned by Google saying that manufacturers would provide Android updates for devices that are less than 18-months old, and they would be provided in a timely fashion. Manufacturer responses aren’t looking too good though when it comes to Android 4.0.

Galaxy nexusGalaxy Nexus Now Available in the U.S.
The long awaited Galaxy Nexus Android phone finally hit the Verizon network late last week, and boasts a large screen with 4G LTE.

Ie logoMicrosoft Will Auto-Update Internet Explorer Users
Last week Microsoft announced that they will start rolling out automatic Internet Explorer updates. The process will begin in January 2012 in Australia and Brazil, and will gradually roll out to other locations.

Telenav browserTeleNav Launching Web-Based Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation
TeleNav is coming out with a GPS navigation app that only requires your mobile browser, and it will be completely free.

Louis ckLouis CK Makes Lots of Money From Self-Published Video
Louis CK had a very successful experiment when self-publishing a $5 video. He said his profit was around $200k even after taking into account the high production costs.

Apple founding documents soldApple Founding Documents Sell for Nearly $1.6 Million
The documents signed at the time Apple was founded were predicted to bring in around $150k, and instead went for a crazy $1.6M.

SkydriveSkyDrive for iPhone and Windows Phone
Microsoft has rolled out several new iOS apps, and one of them is SkyDrive which is available for both iOS and Windows Phone.

Gmail free calls 2012Free Calls to the US and Canada Through 2012 in Gmail
If you’ve been mooching off of Google’s free Gmail calling to US/Canada numbers you’ll be happy to know that you can continue doing so through at least 2012.

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Mac paintBasic Paint App for Mac
Do you enjoy the simplicity of Microsoft’s Paint app on Windows? You can get a similar set of features on the Mac with this program,

Ubuntu internet radioSimple Internet Radio Player for Ubuntu Linux
If you are looking for some basic Internet radio playback in Ubuntu then this is the app you’ll want to grab.

Chrome user agentChange the User Agent in Google Chrome
Web developers will appreciate the new Google Chrome feature that lets you spoof the user agent of the browser to see how it impacts sites.