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garmin nuvi g60 phone.jpgGarmin Nuvi G60 GPS Smartphone Video
Some people have managed to get some hands-on time with the Garmin Nuvi G60 phone (to be released later this year). It obviously has a heavy focus on maps, and you’ll find that GPS is heavily integrated throughout the device. From what I can tell from the video the interface doesn’t seem that great.

windows mobile 65.jpgWindows Mobile 6.5 Feature Tour Video
Engadget has posted a 9-minute video they found demonstrating what appears to be a leaked version of Windows Mobile 6.5. The interface definitely looks like it is more touch-friendly.

android shopping.jpgGoogle Accepting Priced Apps in Android Store
Android developers are sure to be happy to hear that they can now start charging for those apps they’ve been creating. It will be interesting to see which of the free programs decide to go the paid route, and just how much money they will end up making.

ultimate extras.jpgWindows 7 Won’t Have Ultimate Extras
Microsoft will not only be stripping Ultimate Extras from Windows 7, but they will also be silently removing them from the OS during an upgrade.

firefox logo.jpgMozilla Doesn’t Want to Bundle Firefox with Windows
Mike Connor from Mozilla has said that he doesn’t want their browser bundled with Windows because it wouldn’t favor them.

windows mobile.jpgGoogle Licenses ActiveSync from Microsoft
Google is now offering free ActiveSync support for their Calendar and Contacts, which means you can get those pushed to your mobile device for free. Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that they will do the same for Gmail.

palm pre.jpgPalm Pre Looks Pretty Sweet
There hasn’t really been a device that looks like it can compete with the iPhone in terms of how fluid the interface is, but the Palm Pre is looking rather appetizing. This video demonstrates some of Palm’s attention to detail, and I think they have a good chance of becoming a true iPhone competitor. We’ll have to wait until we see some hands-on experiences before we can really judge though.

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camifox theme.jpg10 Firefox Themes that Don’t Suck
This article covers 10 different Firefox themes that are all worth checking out… particularly if you’re a Vista user that likes the Aero Glass. A few of the themes take full advantage of the glass interface in Vista.

gmail tools.jpg90 Tools and Tips to Make You a Gmail Pro
If you’re a Gmail user you’ll definitely want to, at the very least, scan through this article to see if any of the tools would be helpful. It’s a long list, but you may find a gem you didn’t know about.

firefox money.jpgMoney-Saving Firefox Extensions
Trying to save some money? These extensions will do things like notify you when the price drops on an item, or find some coupons for the site you’re ordering from.

readyboost monitor.jpgVista ReadyBoost Monitor
The ReadyBoost feature in Vista can be pretty nice for machines that don’t have a lot of RAM, but how do you know it’s working? Well, this free app will keep tabs on how much your ReadyBoost is being used.

tether iphone g1.jpgHow to Tether a G1 or iPhone for Free
Gizmodo has assembled a guide on the software you’ll need if you want to tether your iPhone or G1 to a computer.

mp3 search.jpgDownload Free Music with MP3 Search
Have you been looking for a new way to stream and download free music? Be sure to checkout MP3 Search if you want access to a rather extensive music library. And hurry… because sites like this normally don’t last long.