Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


avg windows file.jpgAVG Removes Critical Windows File
Both AVG 7.5 and AVG 8.0 users were affected by incorrect virus signatures being pushed out earlier in the week. This caused the antivirus application to prompt the user to delete a critical system file in Windows that, once removed, would prevent the OS from booting.

google translate feeds.jpgGoogle Auto-Translates Feeds
It finally seems as though Google is bringing some of their services together, and a good example of this is with a recent Google Reader update. In it a feature was added so that users can automatically have an RSS feed translated using the Google translation bot.

iphone razr.jpgiPhone 3G Beats RAZR in U.S. Q3 Sales
According to NPD the iPhone sold more units in the third quarter than the Motorola RAZR. The RAZR has been in the top spot for years, and I’m sure Motorola isn’t to happy to see their device fall into second place.

geek membership.jpgSkills Every Geek Should Have
Gizmodo assembled a really fun article that will help you calculate just how geeky you are.

give one get one.jpgGive One Get One Returns
Starting November 17th you’ll once again be able to buy one of the OLPC laptop computers, and by doing so you’ll also be donating one to a child who could use it. This year the sales will be going through Amazon. [last year]

twitter logo.jpg1 Billion Tweets on Twitter
Over one billion messages have been posted to Twitter, which is an absolutely astounding number. I myself have only contributed 285 of those 1 billion. [follow me on Twitter]

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

grab and drag.jpgGrab and Drag Windows
A nifty application called AltDrag will let you quickly move windows without needing to click on the title bar. Instead all you’ll have to do is hold down the Alt key, and then click the mouse anywhere in the window to start dragging it.

winaudit.jpgUse WinAudit to Analyze your PC
Using a program called WinAudit you can create a report that lists all of the software you have on your machine, along with the hardware that powers it.

ie6 mobile.jpgIE6 Mobile Review
Microsoft is testing out the mobile version of IE6, and it looks like it will be quite a bit better than what IE mobile currently offers. Although at this point it still has some quirks.

ubuntu tweaks.jpgFive Ubuntu Tweaks
This guide walks you through how to upgrade to OpenOffice.org 3.0, backup your home folder, install Windows fonts, and more.

docx gmail.jpgUsing Gmail to Convert Office 2007 DOCX Files
Google has finally started to support the conversion of DOCX files to HTML documents so that you can quickly preview their contents in Gmail. Most formatting from the DOCX files will even be retained during the conversion process. [what is docx?]

wordpress logo.jpgHave WordPress Backups Emailed
Having an offsite backup of your blog’s database is always a good idea, and thanks to a simple WordPress plug-in you can do just that by using your email account.

gmail backup.jpgBackup and Restore a Gmail Account
You may want to checkout this tool if you’re worried about losing everything in your Gmail account. By using Gmail’s IMAP feature this tool is not only able to backup your Gmail account, but it can also restore it should you lose your precious data. [other ways to backup Gmail]

windows 7 calculator.jpgGet Windows 7 Features in Vista
Been loving what you’ve seen in Windows 7 so far? Some of the features like the revamped calculator are already available for download. Granted they aren’t being offered by Microsoft, but they are available. [recent windows 7 news]

wpa hack-1.jpgProtect Yourself from WPA Hack
If you’re using WPA for enhanced security on your router you may want to double-check to see if TKIP is the encryption method. If it is you’ll want to switch to AES to help ensure that you won’t get hacked anytime in the foreseeable future.

diskaid.jpgPutting Files on your iPhone or iPod Touch
iPhone and iPod Touch owners haven’t been able to put files on their devices for the sake of storage. With older iPods they could kind of be used like USB drives for transferring files, but Apple really locked things down with the “touch” line of devices. A free program called DiskAid (for Windows and Mac) will once again let you transfer files to the devices without needing to jailbreak them first! Finally!

uptime.jpgDetermine Windows Uptime in XP or Vista
This guide outlines various ways that you can keep track of the uptime for your Windows machine.


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