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Google musicYou Can Download All Your Songs From Google Music
A new option is being rolled out to Google Music users that will let you download all of your uploaded/purchased songs, which means this is a great way to backup your music library.

Gmail logoGmail Logo Uses Two Different Fonts
Some interesting info about the Gmail logo emerged last week, including the fact that it was created the night before Gmail launched and that they use two different fonts in the logo. Once you realize it uses two different fonts you’ll never be able to shake it from your head.

Megaupload alternativesMegaUpload Alternatives See Surge in Traffic After Shutdown
After MegaUpload was shutdown last week several other services, such as Fileserve and Filesonic, removed their reward programs and public sharing options. All of this has caused a surge of traffic to get directed to the remaining alternatives.

Xbox 720Xbox 720 Will Be Six Times More Powerful as Current Console
Rumors are twirling that the next Xbox will ship in November 2013, and will be six times more powerful than the existing console.

YoutubeYouTube Streams 4 Billion Videos Each Day
It’s pretty incredible that YouTube is streaming 4 billion videos each day, but users are also uploading 60-hours worth of content every minute.

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Google takeoutGoogle Docs Can Be Exported Through Google Takeout
Google recently added an option to their “Takeout” service so that you can export your Google Docs data as well. That means it is even easier to pull all of your data away from Google.

Bittorrent routerInstalling a BitTorrent Client on Your DD-WRT Router
This guide walks you through how to get Transmission up and running on a DD-WRT router.

Undo close apps foldersShortcut to Reopen Recently Closed Folders and Apps
UndoClose is a free Windows app that lets you assign a keyboard shortcut to quickly reopen folders and apps you recently closed.