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Google sparrowGoogle Acquires Sparrow to Improve Gmail for Apple Devices
Google scooped up Sparrow for their excellent skills in making Gmail-focused mail apps on iOS and Mac.

MicrosoftMicrosoft Lost Money For the First Time Ever
Microsoft purchased aQuantive back in 2007, and they wrote it down as a $6.2 billion loss for Q4 after it didn’t pan out the way they hoped. Overall they were in the red $473 million, which is the first time ever they didn’t pull out ahead for a quarter.

Raspbian linuxRaspbian Linux for Raspberry Pi
Raspbian Linux is the Debian-optimized version of the OS designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi, and as a result they are seeing a significant performance increase since it is able to take full advantage of the processor.

Windows 8 release dateWindows 8 Launch Date
Microsoft is planning to RTM Windows 8 in the first week of August, and the retail launch will officially be on October 26th, 2012.

Att shared dataAT&T’s Shared Data Plans Coming Late August
AT&T users are going to have the option to share a data plan between multiple devices just like Verizon users, and for the most part the pricing is about the same.

Marissa mayerGoogle’s Marissa Mayer the New Yahoo CEO
Last week news of Marissa Mayer leaving Google to accept the CEO position at Yahoo sparked a lot of interesting discussions around whether she will be able to revive the company.

Office 2013Microsoft Office 2013 Announced
Microsoft finally took the covers off of Office 2013, and showed off what the Metro-inspired interface looks like. They also announced a new subscription model but no pricing has been made available yet.

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Ipad xboxControl Your Xbox from Your iPad
An update to Microsoft’s free My Xbox LIVE app has added the ability to navigate your Xbox using your iPad.

Firefox osTest the Mobile Firefox OS on a Desktop Computer
A test release of Mozilla’s new mobile operating system, called Firefox OS, is available for download from their FTP server and can currently run on a desktop computer.