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Google appsGoogle Apps is No Longer Free
Sadly, Google will no longer offer a free version of Google Apps for small businesses. If you already have a free account you can continue using it, but new customers will need to pay a minimum of $50/year for each user.

Youtube redesignYouTube’s Gets a New Interface
If you haven’t stopped by YouTube in a little while it’s worth checking out the new interface that was recently rolled out.

Tmobile iphoneT-Mobile Gets the iPhone, and Will Eliminate Phone Subsidies
Last week was a big one for T-Mobile with the announcement that they will get the iPhone in 2013. They also announced that they will stop subsidizing the price of phones, and will instead push users to their Value Plans. Customers will still be able to have their phone financed though.

Tim cookApple Bringing Mac Production to the USA
People started noticing that new iMacs were being assembled in the United States, and according to Tim Cook the company plans to invest over $100 million to bring more production to the US in 2013.

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SnapseedSnapseed for Android Released
Awhile back Google acquired the company behind the popular Snapseed app on iOS, and just last week the first version for Android was released.

Gmail 2 iosGmail App Hits 2.0 on iOS
Google released a huge refresh of the Gmail app on iOS, and aside from the redesign they also added support for multiple accounts.