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digital tv.jpgDigital TV Transition in Full Swing
It felt like this day would never come since it was one delay after another, but the government finally pulled the plug. Millions were caught off guard when their TV’s all of a sudden didn’t have a signal, but I’m sure they’re aware of what’s going on now.

twitter icon.jpgTwitter Reschedules Downtime  
Twitter’s service provider had some downtime planned for last night, but they managed to get postpone it a day because Twitter is being used as a communication tool for the events transpiring in Iran. Kudos to Twitter for trying to minimize downtime when it really does matter.

google calendar.jpgGoogle Calendar Gadgets Appearing  
Looks like Google is working on some additional “gadgets” that you’ll be able to see in your Google Calendar sidebar alongside the tasks. This includes features like upcoming events, time zones, google searches, and more.

mozilla logo.jpgMozilla Comments on Safari’s 11 Million Downloads  
Apple boasted the fact that Safari 4.0 had been downloaded over 11 million times in merely three days, which sounds like an impressive number… until you compare it with Firefox. Mozilla said that Firefox 3.0.11 was downloaded 150 million times in a 24-hour period.

opera bittorrent.jpg8 Browser Innovations Started by Opera  
Even though Opera may not have the largest market share for browsers we do have a lot of things to thank them for. At one point I was using Opera as my daily browser, but once I could get similar functionality in other browsers I found myself drifting away in favor of website compatibility. I still go back to play with it from time to time, but I don’t know if I’d ever make a full-time switch again.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

fedora 11.jpgFedora 11 Review  
About a week ago Fedora 11 was released, and as expected the reviews started pouring in. This review in particular is both thorough and informational, and is something you should read if you’re considering giving the OS a whirl.

yip.jpgFirefox Notifier for Web Apps  
A free Firefox extension called Yip adds a notification system to the browser that will let you receive a popup when a particular event occurs. Out-of-the-box it works with Meebo and Filttr, but what makes this so cool is that it can easily be extended through the use of Greasemonkey scripts. You’ll already find scripts for services like Gmail, Facebook, and Friendfeed.

update portable firefox.jpgUpdating Portable Firefox
If you’re having troubles getting your Portable Firefox updated this guide will show you some step-by-step instructions on how you can manually update it the easy way.

LiberKey.jpgLiberKey Installs 200+ Portable Apps  
Looking for a way to get some apps on your USB drive? LiberKey will let you install packages that include up to 200+ of the best portable apps you can carry in your pocket.

SKTimeStamp-1.jpgAdjust File Creation Date/Time in Windows   
Have you ever modified a file on accident, and didn’t want anyone to see that you had changed it? The timestamp on the file could surely get you caught red handed, but that’s why apps like this exist so that you can roll it back to anytime you want.