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iphone 3g.jpgAT&T Explains iPhone 2.0.2 Firmware Upgrade
iPhone 3G owners have been reporting problems with dropped calls, and it looks like AT&T has stepped forward to explain a little bit about what’s going on. It’s something the iPhone 2.0.2 firmware is supposed to address.

safari gears.jpgGoogle Gears Available for Safari Users
It looks as though Google is starting to realize that if they really want Google Gears to take off they’ll need to expand the compatibility beyond just Firefox and Internet Explorer. A new version of Google Gears is now available for Safari users, and this might give developers a little more motivation to take their services offline using Google’s technology.

ebay logo.jpgeBay Moving Away from Auctions?
In the middle of September eBay will be lowering the fees associated with listing fixed-price items (a.k.a. Buy it Now). This makes a lot of sense as more and more consumers don’t have the patience to wait out an auction just to save a few bucks.

iphone emergency-1.jpgPassword Protection on iPhone Does No Good
Some people may choose to password protect their iPhone in case it gets lost or stolen. That way contacts, email, and just about everything else is protected, right? Wrong. This simple “emergency call” trick can give anyone access to email, Safari, contacts, and more that are on your iPhone.

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flow chart.jpgCreating Flow Charts in Word 2007
This guide will walk you through the steps of making an awesome looking flow chart using only Word 2007.

about_blank.jpgUse Stylish to Spice Up About:Blank in Firefox
Tired of the mundane about:blank screen in Firefox? If you have the Stylish extension you’ll be happy to know that there are over a dozen different looks you can give that pale white screen.

better gmail.jpgBetter Gmail 2 Updated with Agenda Script
The Better Gmail 2 Firefox add-on was updated to include the GmailAgenda script. That means you can have it display the agenda from Google Calendar right there in your Inbox.