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Rim lossRIM Cuts Another 5,000 Jobs and Pushes Back BlackBerry 10 Release
The last quarter was pretty bad for RIM as they lost $200 million. As a result they will be letting go another 5,000 employees (on top of the 2,000 previously announced) and are pushing back the BlackBerry 10 OS release to next year.

Google offline mapsGoogle Maps for Android Goes Offline
The latest update to Google Maps on Android lets you select an area to make available offline.

Google project glassSergey Brin Demos Project Glass
Google’s Sergey Brin gave a live demonstration of Project Glass, which is a pair of glasses equipped with a camera and can connect to your phone for Internet access. Check out the article for the video segment of Project Glass from the keynote.

Google nexus 7 tabletGoogle Announces Nexus 7 Tablet and Android 4.1
Google had a pretty huge week last week at their I/O conference which started off with them announcing Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and their well-equipped Nexus 7 tablet priced at $200.

Mobileme shutdownArchiveteam Saves 272 Terabytes of MobileMe Websites from Deletion
The same people that backed up Geocities is at it again with the MobileMe sites that were shutdown last Friday by Apple. Before Apple closed down the sites the Archiveteam was able to archive off 272 terabytes of data from over 380,000 users.

Ios podcastsApple Offers New Dedicated Podcast App for iOS
Apple is offering a free dedicated app for managing and subscribing to podcasts directly from your iOS device. This comes after users started noticing that the iTunes app in the pre-release version of iOS 6 had the “Podcasts” section removed.

Bing aerial imagery165TB of New Imagery Added to Bing Maps
Bing Maps added 165TB of satellite imagery, and according to Bing this release is larger than all of their past aerial updates combined.

Microsoft yammerMicrosoft Buys Yammer for $1.2B
Microsoft dropped a cool $1.2 billion on the corporate-focused social network site called Yammer.

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Windows thumbnailsChange the Size of Windows’ Taskbar Thumbnails with a Registry Hack
If you’ve been yearning to increase the size of the Windows 7 Taskbar thumbnails then take a look at this registry hack, which will let you bump up the size.

Nexus tabletGoogle Nexus 7 Review
The Verge has an in-depth review of the new $200 Google Nexus 7 tablet. In the end they say it’s an excellent tablet, and at $200 it comes highly recommended from them.

Chrome iosBenchmarks from Chrome on iOS
Google released Chrome on iOS last week, and while the browser itself is really well designed it isn’t actually able to use the Nitro JavaScript engine that Safari uses. That means it ends up being significantly slower in JavaScript performance when compared to the built-in Safari.

Gmail ios notificationsNotification Center Support for Gmail on iOS
Google released a long-awaited update to the Gmail app on iOS. The update adds notification center support, the ability to send messages from alternate addresses, and an improved login experience.