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reeder mac.jpgReeder is Coming to Mac OS X
The popular iPhone/iPad RSS feed reader that syncs with Google Reader is currently being developed for Mac OS X. Unfortunately the developer has only posted a small teaser image that doesn’t reveal much.

kid million.jpgA Millionaire by the Age of 16
A kid that started two successful websites by the age of 16 has become a millionaire.

java.jpgOracle Sues Google Over Android and Java
Oracle’s lawsuit against Google claims that the Android mobile OS is using Java technologies without licensing.

cdma iphone.jpgCDMA iPhone 4 in “Engineering Verification Test” Stage
John Gruber said that his sources told him that an iPhone 4 compatible with the CDMA network is currently undergoing some initial verification tests.

wii console.jpgMore Than 30 Million Wii Consoles Sold in the US
Nintendo has announced that in less than four years they’ve sold over 30 million consoles in the US, and 74 million globally.

apple tv.jpgNew Apple TV to be Renamed iTV, and Not Include 1080p Playback
According to Engadget they’ve heard that the next generation Apple TV will get a name change to iTV, and won’t support playing 1080p videos.

flash player-1.jpgNew Flash Player Supports GPU Decoding on Mac OS X
Adobe has released what would normally be a minor update to Flash Player, but has thrown in a big feature for Mac users. Much like Windows users those of you running Mac OS X will be able to pawn some of the Flash-based processing off on the video card.

new ipod touch-1.jpgiPod Touch Getting Retina Display and Dual Cameras?
The next iPod Touch may be released in a few weeks according to the latest rumors, and they’ll include dual cameras as well as a high-res Retina display.

rubiks cube.jpgA Rubik’s Cube Can Always Be Solved in Under 20 Moves
Thanks to 35-years worth of Google-donated CPU time researchers have now been able to pinpoint that, regardless of starting position, the Rubik’s Cube can be solved in 20 moves or less.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

radio tray.jpgRadio Tray Makes Playing Internet Radio Easy on Linux
With this app you can easily stream your favorite online radio stations to your Linux machine.

administrator password.jpgResetting the Administrator Password on Windows with Sticky Keys
Thanks to sticky keys you can actually reset the Windows administrator password without even needing to login with another account first.

home server vail-1.jpgHow to Install Windows Home Server “Vail” Beta on VirtualBox
This detailed guide explains how you can test out the Beta version of Windows Home Server “Vail” without spending a dime.

grooveshark-1.jpgGrooveshark for iPhone Available in App Store
It took awhile, but Apple has now approved the Grooveshark music streaming app for the iPhone.

iphone battery.jpgMaximizing Your Android Phone’s Battery Life
If you have an Android-powered phone you’ll definitely want to glance through this article to see if you can make use of any of the battery-saving tips.

desknotes.jpgDesktop Sticky Notes that Sync with Outlook
This free app can be used to manage the notes in Outlook right from your desktop.

7z archives.jpgConvert ZIP Archives to 7Z Archives
This batch file can convert entire directories of ZIP archives to the 7Z format, which will minimize the amount of space that they consume.