Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


nexus two samsung.jpgSamsung Nexus Two Announced November 8th
Google and Samsung are rumored to be announcing the Nexus Two device, running Android 2.3, as early as November 8th. Gizmodo even knows someone that was able to get their hands on it and provides all of the details that they’ve received.

google signin.jpgFlickr Adds Google Account Login Capability
Flickr users may be happy to hear that they you can now login to your account using your Google ID. The catch, however, is that if you’re already logging in with a Yahoo! ID that you can not migrate over to a Google sign-on.

pdc phone.jpgPDC Attendees Get Free Windows Phone 7
Anyone attending Microsoft’s developers conference last week was able to scoop up a free LG Windows Phone 7.

security essentials update.jpgMicrosoft Security Essentials Available via Windows Update
It took long enough, but Microsoft is finally throwing their Security Essentials antivirus software into Windows Update. It will be an optional update, which means users still have to manually choose to install it.

firefox 4.jpgMozilla Pushes Firefox 4 Back to 2011
Mozilla was trying to rollout Firefox 4 by the end of the year, but they have revised their schedule making early 2011 their new target.

yahoo mail beta.jpgNew Yahoo! Mail Beta
Yahoo! is looking for your feedback on the new mail features, which includes significant speed improvements, better integration with social networks, and more.

firesheep.jpgFiresheep Makes it Easy to Hack Twitter/Facebook Accounts
A developer has released a Firefox extension that sniffs network traffic and capture cookies from popular sites like Twitter and Facebook. By getting the cookie you can then “resume” that user’s session without needing to login.

nook color.jpgNook Color with be a 7-inch Android Tablet
The $250 Nook Color will be running the Android OS (no access to the Android Market though), weighs in under a pound, and has a high resolution screen.

feedburner stats.jpgGoogle Updates FeedBurner with Real-Time Stats
It may be a little too late, but Google is showing that they haven’t shrugged off FeedBurner with their most recent update.

air 25.jpgNew Adobe Air 2.5 Designed for TVs and Phones, too
The latest version of Adobe Air that is already available is targeting TVs, phones, and tablets.

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annual zune pass.jpg$150 Annual Zune Pass Available
Purchasing a Zune Pass in one-year increments will mean that you save $30 a year over the normal month-to-month pricing.

7conifier.jpgCustomize Windows 7 Taskbar Icons with 7Conifier
This free Windows 7 app will let you switch up the icons on your machine in a few seconds. You can even create your own customized icons and use this to apply them.

macbook air review.jpgAnandtech’s Thorough MacBook Air Review
Anandtech, as they do with many gadgets, has taken the newly released 11 and 13-inch MacBook Airs for a spin.

ccleaner-2.jpgCCleaner Updated with 64-bit Support  
The new CCleaner v3.0 has several notable improvements, but the most important change for me is that there is a native 64-bit version.

evernote 4.jpgEvernote 4.0 for Windows is Incredible
I use Evernote on both Windows and Mac computers each day, but I’ve always been partial to the Mac client because of the poor performance on the Windows side. Their new Windows client, however, has many significant changes including a start time that is five times faster than before and half the memory usage of the previous version. Plus the new UI is awesome.

ie9 preview 6.jpgGive IE9 Preview 6 a Full UI
At PDC last week Microsoft announced an updated developer preview of IE9, but it is a trimmed down version of the full browser that only demonstrates updates to the rendering engine. Ars explains how to use the new preview with the full IE9 Beta interface.

remember the milk outlook.jpgSync Outlook Tasks with Remember the Milk
Remember the Milk has released a tool called MilkSync, and is available for all Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 users that want to sync their desktop tasks with the cloud service. You’ll need to be a paid Pro user to access the software though.