Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


grooveshark html5-1.jpgGrooveshark Gets HTML5 Redesign
Grooveshark users were presented with a refreshing interface last week that has largely moved to HTML5 instead of Flash for the managing of your music collection. Audio playback is still done through Flash, which means you can’t quite ditch the browser plug-in at this point.

avg logo.jpgAVG Update Bricks 64-Bit Windows 7 PCs
An update to AVG on December 1st was the cause of many 64-bit Windows 7 PCs to stop booting up, and AVG has released instructions on how to get your system back up and running.

lastpass xmarks-1.jpgLastPass Acquires Xmarks Bookmarking Service
The online password sync service, LastPass, has scooped up Xmarks which was on the verge of shutting down just a few weeks ago. Part of the deal is that they are also offering a premium version of the service that includes extra features and mobile access.

chevronwp7.jpgChevronWP7 Tool Discontinued
The free Windows Phone 7 tool called ChevronWP7 has been pulled due to official discussions the team is pursuing with Microsoft about officially allowing “homebrew” applications.

mobile os usage.jpgBreakdown of Mobile OS Usage from Around the World
Pingdom has a great article that graphically represents the different continents and which mobile operating systems are dominating those areas.

mediasmart server.jpgHP Won’t Adopt New Windows Home Server OS
The HP MediaSmart Server will be coming to the end of its line as HP has canceled plans to support the next iteration of the Home Server OS codenamed Vail.

kinect units.jpgOver 2.5 Million Kinects Sold in 25 Days
In less than one month Microsoft has rolled out over 2.5 million Kinects, and says they are on track to sell 5 million units this holiday season.

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dropbox 10.jpgDropbox 1.0 RC Offers Selective Sync
Dropbox 1.0 RC is out, and for the first time Windows, Mac, and Linux versions will all be running the same release. The new update also includes Selective Sync which will let you choose which folders are synced on each of your computers.

skitch 10.jpgSkitch 1.0 Released with Plus Subscription
The new version of Skitch for Mac has most of the same features you were used to before (still for free), and if you’re willing to pay an annual fee ($14.95 right now) you can snag some additional features.

print mobile dropbox.jpgPrint Files On-the-Go Using Dropbox
Using a printing queue on your Mac/Windows machine and Dropbox you can actually print documents when you’re not even on the same network as your printer.

airvideoenabler.jpgStream Any Video to an Apple TV with a Jailbroken iOS Device
If you’ve jailbroken your iOS 4.2 device then you may want to consider grabbing the AirVideoEnabler patch that lets you stream video to your Apple TV from most third-party applications.

chrome 8.jpgChrome 8 Released with Built-in PDF Viewer
I really like the idea that the newest version of Google Chrome has a built-in PDF viewer that is sandboxed from the rest of your computer, which will help address vulnerabilities that could possibly get exploited.

smart mute.jpgGoogle Makes Email Muting a Bit Smarter in Gmail
A new Gmail Labs feature will help automatically mute conversations that you are CC’d on but don’t necessarily care about.

flash beta.jpgFlash Player 10.2 Beta has Support for Stage Video
Developers can begin using a new API that will offload video playback by up to 85% thanks to a new technology called Stage Video in Flash 10.2 Beta.

evernote beta.jpgNew Mac Evernote Beta Gets Sharing & Notebook Stacks
Mac Evernote users who download the latest Beta release can take advantage of sharing notebooks with other people, and can also group notebooks into stacks for keeping things a bit more organized.

diffuse merge tool.jpgCompare and Merge Text Files
Most tech-savvy users wanting to compare two text files will naturally jump to WinMerge, but the Diffuse Merge Tool apparently offers the same kind of functionality for anyone looking for a free alternative.

ge.tt upload.jpgGe.tt – A P2P File Sharer Through Your Browser
We’ve covered some some different sites that let you share files with other people without having to upload them first, and Ge.tt is another one that falls into the same category. What’s cool is that it doesn’t use Flash or Java, which most others require one or the other.

google earth 6.jpgGoogle Earth 6 Brings 3D Trees to Your Desktop
The new Google Earth has “planted” over 80 million trees in Google Earth that represents locations where they actually exist (in select cities for right now). Viewing historical data is also a bit easier in this release.