Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


opera mini android.jpgOpera Mini 5 Beta Available for Android
The Opera team released a Beta for version 5 of their Android Mini browser last week. The new version supports Speed Dial for your favorite sites, includes a password manager, and can sync your bookmarks/Speed Dial with the desktop version of Opera. The main benefit to Opera Mini, however, is the the fact that all your requests go through Opera’s servers to compress and optimize the page you want to view.

html5.jpgHTML5 vs. Flash Performance
There are many proponents for HTML5 video playback in browsers, but Windows users in particular may find that Flash is actually more efficient due to hardware acceleration. Flash 10.1 is able to use the GPU on some computers to decode video, and therefore beat out the straight HTML5 implementations in most scenarios.

–News in Brief–

firefox upgrade.jpgUpgrades Issues to Firefox 3 and Firefox 3.5 Users
Mozilla will be pushing out update notifications to Firefox users that have not yet upgraded to Firefox 3.6.

reader play.jpgA New Way to View Google Reader
Google introduced a more visual way to browse through interesting photos and videos in Google Reader.

google biking.jpgBiking Directions Added to Google Maps
Google added biking directions to the already included transit, walking, and driving directions in Maps.

msn homepage.jpgNew MSN Homepage Rolling Out
As expected Microsoft is rolling out a completely redesigned MSN Homepage over the next few weeks.  

apps marketplace.jpgGoogle Apps Marketplace Open
Third-party companies can now make “add-ons” to Google Apps that integrate with services like Gmail and Google Calendar.

refresh pop.jpgManually Refresh POP Accounts in Gmail
A Gmail Labs feature now lets you manually fetch emails from POP accounts that you’ve set up.

steam mac.jpgValve Confirms Steam for Mac
Valve announced that Steam will indeed be coming to Mac users sometime in April.

chromium css.jpgChromium Adds Support for Custom Stylesheets
The latest nightly release of Chromium lets users specify custom stylesheets that can be used to modify the appearance of sites.

popsci.jpgComplete Popular Science Archive Available
With the help of Google, Popular Science now lets you view previously published magazines.

newegg counterfeit.jpgNewegg Sells Counterfeit i7 CPUs
Newegg has admitted to selling 300 counterfeit Intel i7 CPUs, and is working with the customers to replace them.

ad block.jpgWhy Ad Blocking is Devastating to the Sites You Love
Ars Technica explains how blocking ads on your favorite sites can have a negative affect.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

musicbee.jpgMusicBee – A Web-Centric Music Manager
This desktop music manager is unique in the sense that it utilizes the power of the web to simplify music tasks. You can do things like update tags, missing album art, lyrics, and much more. It can also create playlists from similar artists (according to Last.FM), and you can fetch online info for the song you’re currently listening to.

windows 7 taskbar.jpgWindows 7 Taskbar Customizer
We’ve seen apps that let you customize the size of the thumbnail previews in Vista, and now a similar (but better) tool is available for Windows 7 users. The thumbnail customizer lets you specify the size, spacing, margin, and delay associated with every preview popup you see when hovering over a Taskbar icon.

–Tips in Brief–

hulu.jpgDownload Hulu TV Shows
This desktop app makes it easy for you to download your favorite Hulu TV shows.

weatherbar.jpgWeatherBar Puts the Weather in Your Windows 7 Taskbar
This Windows 7 app puts the your local weather in a jumplist item.

batch convert images.jpgBatch Convert Images Using Drag and Drop
Photo Magician lets you perform advanced image conversions, or a faster method that is initiated simply by dropping images onto an icon.

ie tab 2.jpgIE Tab 2 Continues the IE Tab Project
The IE Tab project lives on with a new name, and supports versions of Firefox up to the latest nightly builds.

dummy images.jpgCreate Dummy Placeholder Images
This website lets you specify the dimensions and colors for an image, and have it generated on-the-fly. Definitely great for web designers.

secondbar.jpgAdd an Additional Menu Bar to Each Mac Monitor
SecondBar will throw a menu bar on the top of each additional monitor that you have hooked up to your Mac.

synergy.jpgSynergy+ Continues Development of the Open Source Project
This is a continuation of the open source Synergy project that lets you use one mouse/keyboard across all your operating systems.

office tabs.jpgAdd Tabs to Office Programs
If you’re constantly working with multiple Office documents this add-on will incorporate a tabbed interface for managing all open files.