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windows 7 logo-4-1.jpgWindows 7 RC Released
Microsoft has pulled the curtain off of the first (and probably only) public Release Candidate of Windows 7. This is a big milestone for Microsoft, and anyone who decides to download this test release will be able to use the operating system until March 1st, 2010, at which time it will expire.

prism logo-1.jpgMozilla Prism 1.0 Beta
Mozilla released a rather big update to Prism, which is designed to make web applications feel like traditional desktop apps. I definitely like where all of this is headed, and the new version even supports System Tray notifications. Many people may feel like this is pointless, but there is definitely a target market for this.

googleplex-1.jpgGoogleplex Tour in 200 Seconds
Ever wonder what life is like at the Googleplex? This rapid-paced video will take you on a tour showing you some of the more interesting aspects found across Google’s large campus.

firefox logo-10.jpgMulti-Processor Support Coming to Firefox?
Some Firefox developers have apparently started working on adding multi-processor support to the popular browser, which should improve stability and performance. There’s no hard deadline to have this completed by, but it likely won’t be finished in the next year.

earth eclipse-1.jpgEclipse of the Earth Taken from a Satellite
A lot of people have seen a solar eclipse, but what about an eclipse involving the Earth? This 24-hour time-lapsed video taken from a satellite will show you exactly what it looks like.

blackberry-1.jpgBlackberry Sales Overtake iPhone
According to NPD, RIM has taken over the number one spot for smartphones in Q1 of 2009. RIM now has approximately 50 percent of the consumer market after it got a healthy 15% boost in Q1, and Apple dropped about 10%. RIM has three of the top 5 smartphone slots according to NPD.

online videos-1.jpgMost Watched Viral Videos
Have you ever wondered what some of the most viral videos are? Visible Measures compiled a list of 18 different videos that all have more than 100 millions views each, and collectively add up to more than 3 billion views. Disappointingly many of them are just music videos.

invisible car-1.jpgHow to Make Your Car Invisible
Did you know that you can make your car almost invisible without some special technology stolen from Area-51? All you need are a few cans of paint, an artist, and someone to view the car from just the right angle.

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ie8 session-2.jpgIE8 Session Merging
The IEBlog has pointed out a handy little feature in IE8 that I didn’t know was there. If you look in the File menu you’ll notice an option to start a “New Session,” which will open a new window. What this basically does is start a new browsing session that won’t touch your other cookies. Yep, that means you can login to multiple Gmail accounts at the same time. Cool, huh?

growl windows-1.jpgGrowl for Windows
The Growl notification tool for Mac has always received a lot of attention because it has become a a universal way for apps to provide notifications on a machine. Now the tool is being brought over to the world of Windows, and includes support for iTunes, Firefox, Outlook, and more. The list of supported apps is sure to grow as more people start using Growl on Windows.

tweetmypc-1.jpgControl Your PC with Twitter
Pretty soon you’ll be able to control your entire house using only Twitter, but for right now you’ll have to settle for just being able to shutdown, restart, and logoff of your PC.

taskbar shuffle-1.jpgTaskbar Shuffle Supports 64-bit Windows
If you like being able to rearrange your Taskbar icons then there’s a good chance that you’ve already got Taskbar Shuffle installed, but 64-bit Window users will be happy to know that this gem has finally branched out beyond the world of 32-bit computing!

fireshot-1.jpg7 Firefox Extensions for the Right-Click Menu
It’s always nice to find some new Firefox extensions, but it’s even better when they don’t really clutter up the interface. Here are seven different Firefox extensions that will find a home in your right-click menu.

usb drive benchmarks-1.jpgBenchmarking a USB Drive
USB drives vary quite a bit in price, and the performance of the drive plays a big part of that. So how good is your drive? Here are five tools that will let you put your USB drive to the test to see just how fast it is.