Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


blindtype.jpgGoogle Acquires Touchscreen Keyboard Startup BlindType
BlindType was acquired by Google last week, and based on the video demonstration I’ve seen of their product this will definitely be a very strong addition to the Android mobile software.

ie9 screenshot.jpgIE9 Beta Download Numbers Released
Microsoft has posted saying that IE9 Beta was downloaded over 6 million times in the first two weeks of availability.

xmarks.jpgXmarks Possibly Closing, or Moving to a Paid Service
Xmarks announced last week that it would be shutting down their online service, and after word started to spread a lot of users stepped up saying they would be willing to pay for the service to remain afloat. As it stands they are looking to see how many people would be willing to pay for their bookmarking service.

appletv jailbreak.jpgNew Apple TV Runs on iPod, and is Jailbreakable
Engadget has posted a video of the Apple TV software running on an iPod. It’s also been determined that thanks to a micro-USB port on the Apple TV the device is jailbreakable.

security essentials.jpgMicrosoft Security Essentials 1-Year Stats
Microsoft’s antivirus software has over 30 million users and has detected over 400 million threats in the first year of availability.

office 2011 mac.jpgOffice 2011 for Mac Release Coming This Month
An official announcement by Microsoft has slated the release of Office 2011 for Mac on October 26th, and pre-orders have already started on Amazon.

aol techrunch.jpgAOL Acquires TechCrunch
TechCrunch has been picked up by AOL, who also owns technology blogs like Engadget and Download Squad.

hulu plus roku.jpgHulu Plus Coming to Roku
Roku will be one of the first set-top boxes to offer Hulu streaming, but unfortunately you’ll need to pay the $9.99 premium to have access to the shows via the Roku.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download now.jpgWindows Live Essentials 2011
Microsoft has released the next big milestone of Live Essentials, which includes revamped versions of Live Writer, Live Messenger, Live Mail, and many others.

xbox 2010 dashboard.jpgXbox Live 2010 Dashboard Update Preview
Engadget provides a nice overview of the features you can expect from the upcoming Xbox Dashboard update that is coming out in the next month or two.

evernote chrome.jpgEvernote’s Chrome Extension Gets Simultaneous Search
A recent update to the Chrome extension for Evernote lets users see how many notes match a search query performed on any Google search.

google android compare.jpgGoogle Lets You Compare Android Phones
Google recently created a central location that lets you view and compare Android phones from all manufacturers and carriers.

Ecosquid.jpgCompare Prices from Gadget Recycling Sites
EcoSquid lets you see how much money you’ll receive for your device from several different gadget-buying sources like Gazelle and TradeUps.

gmail conversation.jpgTurn Off Gmail’s Conversation View
I love how Gmail groups emails as conversations, but I know not everyone feels the same way. Now Google actually offers an option in the settings to turn it off.

ping dropdown.jpgRemove the Ping Dropdown in iTunes 10.0.1
These instructions explain how both Windows and Mac users can hide that pesky “Ping” dropdown should you decide that you’ll never use it.

RIM Playbook.jpgBlackBerry PlayBook vs. the Competition
Engadget has organized a table of specs/features for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Dell Streak.