Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


ie9 preview.jpgIE9 Developer Preview Released
At MIX last week Microsoft released a developer preview of IE9 to showcase their updated rendering engine. The new browser will make use of multiple CPU cores, will utilize the GPU for some processing, and pushes towards HTML5 standards. The developer preview is merely for testing out how pages render, and doesn’t have much of a GUI. And, in case you’re wondering, the IE9 developer preview scores a 55/100 on the Acid3 test (thus far).

windows marketplace.jpgMicrosoft Reveals Windows Phone 7 Series App Marketplace
Engadget has the scoop on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series app marketplace that will serve as a hub for consumers to download third-party programs. It will be the only way for users to get apps on their phone (with an exception for enterprise customers), but Microsoft wants to make the approval process as transparent and predictable as possible. All purchases will be tied to a Live account, and can be carried from one device to another without needing to re-buy them.

–News in Brief–

xbox 360 storage.jpgXbox 360 Getting USB Storage Support in 2010
Joystiq got their hands on some documentation that says an update to the Xbox 360 supposedly coming Spring 2010 will have support for USB storage support.

google vulnerability reward.jpgGoogle Hands Out First $1337 Prize for Chrome Vulnerability
For the first time Google handed out their $1337 prize, which is rewarded to anyone that finds a critical vulnerability in Chrome.

url shortener.jpgTests Say Google is the Fastest URL Shortener
A site decided to test the performance of various URL shorteners, and overall they all slow down the user experience. If you had to pick one, however, Google is the fastest.

htc logo.jpgHTC Defending Against Apple Lawsuit
HTC released a statement saying that they disagree with Apple’s actions, and plan to fully defend themselves.

gm windshield.jpgGM Reveals Enhanced Windshield
Using a bunch of sensors GM is able to overlay/highlight important information on your windshield from the road in front of you.

facebook traffic.jpgHitwise Says Facebook is the Most Popular U.S. Site
According to Hitwise Facebook bypassed Google as the most popular site in the United States, and serves up 7% of all U.S. traffic.

netflix.jpgNetflix Shows Off Windows Phone 7 Series App
At MIX Netflix’s Windows Phone 7 Series app drew a lot of attention because of its integrated “Watch Instantly” support.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

clipgrab.jpg22 Cool (and Free) Windows 7 Apps
This article outlines some nice freeware apps that are compatible with your Windows 7 OS. They do things like repair broken user profiles, download online videos, convert audio and video to different formats, clean up the desktop, and much more. There’s a good variety available, and definitely worth checking out.

openvpn.jpg10 Remote Control and Streaming Tools
A guide to some awesome remote access and streaming utilities. Create your own VPN, remotely power-up machines using Wake-on-LAN, stream media, monitor your home through a webcam, and more.

–Tips in Brief–

feelhome.jpgCross-Platform Remote File Access Tool
This free cross-platform tool can provide remote access to files that are hosted on a Windows, Mac, or Linux environment.

chrome bookmark manager.jpgGoogle Chrome Getting a Better Bookmark Manager
Google is beefing up their bookmark manager, but only in Chromium builds for the time being.

rescheduler.jpgGoogle Calendar Smart Rescheduler
A new Google Calendar Labs feature provides recommendations as to when events should be rescheduled.

mozilla contacts.jpgMozilla Introduces Contacts Integration
Mozilla has developed a contacts add-on that ties together your Twitter, Gmail, and Apple address book.

excel.jpgMicrosoft Excel Cheatsheets
A wide selection of Excel cheatsheets covering keyboard shortcuts, functions, and more.

snowtape.jpgFind and Record Online Radio Stations
Snowtape will let you listen, find, and record online radio stations on your Mac.

windows 7 wallpaper.jpgChange Wallpapers on Windows 7 Starter
Microsoft doesn’t let you change the wallpaper on the Windows 7 Starter OS, but this free app will take care of that.