Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


dubai fountain.jpgMassive Fountain in Dubai will be the Largest
In 2009 a huge waterworks display will emerge in Dubai, UAE. The fountain will span 825 feet, consists of 6,600 lights and 50 projectors, and will be pumping about 22,000 gallons of water at any one given time. Crazy!

iphone 3g unboxed.jpgiPhone 3G Unboxed
A lucky Portuguese person managed to get their hands on an iPhone 3G a few days early. They’ve already begun posting the unboxing photos, but it’s nothing really earth shattering. [related]

eee box.jpgEee Box to Cost $400?
The Eee Box computer is the desktop version of Asus’ popular compact notebooks. Up until now we weren’t too sure what the specs or price was going to be, but it looks like it will come in at about $400. It will come with Windows XP Home, 80GB hard drive, keyboard, mouse, and more. [related]

rapidshare.jpgRapidshare Ditches Captchas & Download Limits
Rapidshare is taking a bold new step by letting free users download files without needing to enter in a captcha. Free users also won’t have to wait a set period of time between downloads, but the download speed is limited to 500Kbps.

macbook pro redesign.jpgMacBook Pro Redesign Leaked?
Some people were expecting Apple to announce a redesigned MacBook Pro at WWDC this year, but that didn’t happen. Now there is a leaked photo of what’s supposedly the next MacBook Pro case. It doesn’t show off too much, but the person publishing the info claims the keyboard will be the same as the one on the MacBook Air.

xbmc mac.jpgXbox Media Center for Mac Renamed to Plex
A little while ago a developer took the Xbox Media Center project and decided to fork it into a Mac version. Up until now it didn’t have a name that distinguished it from the original XBMC, but it’s new name is Plex (short for cineplex).

thunderbird logo-2.jpgSeveral Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Thunderbird
Secunia is reporting that there are several vulnerabilities in Mozilla Thunderbird that haven’t been patched yet. These vulnerabilities also affected Firefox, but the web browser has already received the necessary patches. Thunderbird is not due out until July 15th.

mobileme logo.jpgMobileMe Launches Tomorrow
Apple’s .Mac replacement called MobileMe will be launching tomorrow, July 9th between 6PM and 12AM PST. At that time the service will be unavailable while Apple makes the necessary changes, and MobileMe should be up and running within that timeframe. [related]

mowba.jpgiRobot Lawnmower
The same people that bring you robots for washing floors (Scooba) and vacuuming carpet (Roomba) are also working on a lawnmower variation called Mowba. They’ve supposedly been working on this for years, but it was just recently that they filed for a patent for their device.

lifehacker code.jpg“Better” Line of Extensions Updated by Lifehacker
Lifehacker has updated most of the Firefox extensions in their “Better” line. Most of them include multiple updates, and are definitely worth checking out.

tmobile logo.jpgT-Mobile Rolling Out Nationwide 3G in October?
It seems as though faster Internet is constantly something consumers are demanding, and the same goes for mobile Internet. There’s now a rumor that T-Mobile will be joining the 3G Internet race in October when it launches its service in 27 different markets across the United States.

iphone 3g.jpgApple Stores not Selling iPhone 3G in Canada
Apple isn’t too happy with Rogers in Canada right now, which is the iPhone service provider. The plans are overpriced for what you get, and as a result Apple’s apparently decided that they won’t be helping Rogers sell the iPhone 3G on Friday. Apple stores in Canada won’t be stocking the new phones, and instead Apple is redirecting those shipments to Europe. [related]

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media center.jpgVista Media Center Feature Pack 2008 Screenshots
Paul Thurrott has a screenshot gallery up of the “feature pack” for Vista Media Center that is codenamed Fiji. Don’t get all excited… there’s really nothing noticeable in the new version (yet).

dropbox igoogle.jpgGet Dropbox Files on iGoogle
If you’ve managed to get into the Dropbox Beta then you might be happy to know that you can get quick access to your files right from your iGoogle page. [related]

vista open with.jpgChange File Type Associations on the Fly
If you find that your file type associations get messed up this is a quick way to wipe out any programs that are designated to open a file extension. [related]

steadystate.jpgUsing SteadyState to Kid-Proof your PC
SteadyState is a free program by Microsoft that can help restore your computer back to a previous state in no time at all. This is a great tool so that you can unleash your kids on the computer, and a simple restart can undo any changes that they’ve made.

minefield.jpgFirefox 3 Builds Optimized for Macs
If you’re a Mac user these Firefox 3 builds are specially made for your operating system. They are optimized to ensure the best performance, which is always something we welcome!