Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Akamai ipv6IPv6 Day Goes Smooth
For the most part IPv6 Day, which was June 8th, went smooth for those that participated in it. Akamai saw IPv6 requests jump to ten times what they typically are, which means companies really were participating.


Google voice logoKeep Your Secondary Google Voice Number
I was really excited when I heard that you can still hold on to your secondary Google Voice number for a small fee. I recently changed mine from something that was really catchy in favor of something that was from my local area, and it was hard for me to give up such a unique number. I was scheduled to lose the number at the end of July, but thanks to this announcement I was able to pay the $20 to keep it indefinitely.


Google chrome stableGoogle Releases Stable Version of Chrome 12
The latest Chrome release sports improvements to security, privacy, and graphics. Google also provided a brief update about the popularity of the browser saying that there are 160 million Chrome users.


New apple campusSteve Jobs Reveals New Apple Campus Plans
This article has video footage of a city council meeting in Cupertino where Steve Jobs unveils what they hope will become the next Apple campus.


Google live transitGoogle Pushing for Live Transit Updates
Google has partnered with some companies to provide live updates to select public transportation services so that users will know if a train or bus is running late.


Ios5 notificationsSummary of Apple’s WWDC Announcements
In case you missed all of the WWDC news this year you can quickly catch up on the announcements by reading this article.


Google calendar appointmentsGoogle Calendar Gets Appointment Slots
This cool new feature is great for anyone that runs an active life. With appointment slots you can designate times during each day when others are able to schedule time with you. How cool would it be if all appointment-centric businesses (doctors, dentists, etc…) started using this?


New xbox dashboardRoundup of the Xbox E3 Announcements
This is a nice recap of the various announcements Microsoft made at E3 including the new Xbox dashboard, Bing search on the Xbox, and several pieces of Kinect-related news.


Evernote logoEvernote Tops 10 Million Users
Evernote hit a huge milestone breaking the 10 million user mark last week, and boasts over 424k paid users.


Wii u controllerNintendo Demos Wii U
Nintendo is taking an interesting leap forward by building in a 6.2-inch screen and front-facing camera on the controller for their next generation Wii U console. It is due for release sometime in 2012.


SecuridRSA Replacing Security Tokens
RSA has confirmed that due to a security breach they will be replacing nearly all tokens that are in the hands of their millions of customers.


–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Internet shame insuranceThis Extension Warns When Posting Public Status Updates
Adam Pash from Lifehacker whipped up a Chrome extension that adds a privacy popup to Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail letting you know when something you’re about to post will be publicly readable.


Mac terminalReplace Text in Multiple Files from the Terminal
Mac, Linux, and Unix users can turn to their trusty terminal for simple text replacements across multiple files.


Evernote peekEvernote Peek for iPad 2
Evernote has come up with a creative way to use the iPad 2 Smart Cover with an app that is focused on studying/learning.


Crime mapTrulia Shows Crime Stats on a Map
If you are looking to move to a new neighborhood you should check to see if Trulia has crime stats for that region. That way you might be able to determine how safe the area is before going to see it in person.


Chrome errorChrome Tells You if a Site is Really Down
The error page in Google Chrome will let you know if other users are experiencing issues viewing the site as well.