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Xbox whiteNew Xbox Won’t Come Until 2013 at the Earliest
If you’ve been waiting around for Microsoft to release the next generation Xbox console you may have to hold out a bit longer. According to Bloomberg their sources say that Microsoft may show off the new console at E3 in June 2013, and release it later that year.

Paypal paymentPayPal to Compete with Square for Mobile Payments
PayPal Here is a new service that the company is offering to compete with Square. PayPal will offer a dongle that will attach to your iPhone so that you can swipe a credit card or check to take payment. Square, however, has the upper hand because their dongle works on iOS and Android whereas PayPal Here only has an app for iOS right now.

Milk googleKevin Rose’s Milk Shuts Down Oink; Scooped Up by Google
After just four months Kevin Rose’s new company, Milk, will be shutting down access to their iOS-only Oink app. Kevin Rose has since come forward and announced that him (and others from the Milk crew) will be joining Google.

Encyclopedia britannicaEncyclopaedia Britannica Discontinuing Printed Edition
Not surprisingly Encyclopaedia Britannica announced that they will stop printing their 32-volume set of encyclopedias, and will instead continue to embrace digital technologies for distributing their content going forward.

BillboardBillboard’s Hot 100 Songs to Include Spotify and Rdio Data
Billboard magazine will be diversifying their sources that make up their Hot 100 songs by also including data from streaming services like Spotify and Rdio.

Double fineDouble Fine Raises $3.33M in KickStarter Project
Double Fine managed to raise a whopping $3.33M for a new game they are working on, which has been pledged by over 87k individuals. As of now this is the most money ever raised on KickStarter for a single project.

AolAOL Slashes Staff at AIM Unit
AOL has notified 40 employees that they are out of a job, and according to one employee the AIM staff only consists of support personnel now.

RdioRdio Gets Revamped
Both the web and desktop versions of Rdio received a major overhaul that makes navigating the large selection of music a lot easier.

Chrome logoGoogle Working on Chrome for Windows 8
A Google rep said that they are working on a Metro-style version of Chrome for Windows 8, and will also be improving the desktop version to be more touch-friendly.

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Dropbox logoGet 3GB of Free Space on Dropbox By Using Camera Upload Feature
If you didn’t take full advantage of the free 5GB Dropbox was giving away last month for testing out their Camera Upload feature you can jump on the bandwagon to rack up an additional 3GB of space.

Facebook extensionMake Facebook Better with One Browser Extension
Whether you use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera you can take advantage of this free extension that lets you customize many different aspects of Facebook.

Windows 8 start buttonMake Your Own Windows 8 Start Button with Zero Memory Usage
This clever little trick utilizes AutoHotkey and the ability to pin shortcuts to the Taskbar in Windows 8 in order to create a makeshift Start Menu shortcut. It actually works pretty well.

Ipad reviewNew iPad Review by The Verge
This is a lengthy review of the new iPad from The Verge, who ends up giving it a stellar 9.3/10 largely thanks to the retina display.