Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Kevin rose diggKevin Rose Resigns from Digg
TechCrunch broke news that they heard Kevin Rose had resigned from Digg, and that he’d be taking on a new project. Kevin made a public response via Twitter indicating that the news was true, and that more information on the new project would be coming soon.


Att tetheringAT&T Cracking Down on Free Tethering
AT&T has been sending out emails and text messages to some users who have been tethering with their iPhone using unapproved methods (e.g. with MyWi). This has left many users wondering whether they are just looking at high usage customers, or whether they have legitimate ways to identify anyone that is tethering without paying for the special plan.


NetflixNetflix Licenses Exclusive Content Deal
In late 2012 Netflix will be an exclusive provider for a new television series called House of Cards, and says that they’ve already committed to doing 26 episodes.


XoomWiFi Motorola Xoom Coming March 27th for $599
Motorola officially announced that on March 27th retailers such as Amazon.com and Best Buy will be carrying the WiFi-only model of the 32GB Xoom for $599.


Docs discussionsGoogle Docs Gets Discussions
Google has enhanced the way you communicate with people in Docs by providing a more intuitive comment system that is displayed along the side of a document.


Firefox 4 logoFirefox 4 Due Out Tomorrow (March 22nd)
The next major milestone of Firefox, version 4, will finally see the light of day after over a year of development time. The big release day is tomorrow, March 22nd.


Google nonprofitsGoogle is Trying to Help Nonprofits
Google is trying to help nonprofit organizations by providing some benefits such as up to $10k a month in Google AdWords advertising, free or discounted Google Apps use, and more.


Ie9 browserFinal Version of IE9 Released
Microsoft rolled out the final release of IE9 last week that boasts a new interface and a lot of backend improvements. There were over 2.3 million downloads in the first 24-hours, which equates to about 27 downloads every second.


Twitter statsTwitter Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary with Stats
A blog post on Twitter outlines some of the crazy stats such as the record of 6,939 tweets per second and that there is an average of 460k accounts created each day.


Blogger redesignGoogle Shows Off New Blogger Interface
Google posted some screenshots of the current version of Blogger versus an upcoming iteration that should be available sometime in 2011.


–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

WeathersparkView Historical Weather Data with Weatherspark
Weather geeks will love the free online service Weatherspark. It provides past weather data as well as averages in case you’re wondering what the weather may be like based on past years.


Twitter httpsEnable HTTPS on Twitter
Twitter has added a setting that will let you force all your Twitter traffic to go through a secure connection.


Event viewerPerform Actions for Events in the Windows Event Viewer
The Windows Event Viewer is a great log for system-wide operations on your machine, and this little tip explains how you can perform an action when an event occurs.


Dropbox portableUnofficial Portable Version of Dropbox
Want to use Dropbox on a machine you can’t install files on? This free app, DropboxPortableAHK, will let you move and deploy a copy of Dropbox without going through the setup routine.


Ios gesturesGet iOS 4.3 Global Gestures for Free on Your iPad
There were a lot of articles floating around saying that you can get the multitasking gestures for your iPad by downloading Xcode 4 for $5, but this article explains how you can just grab the older Xcode 3 for free and still get the same result.