Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Chevy volt chargeGM Offers to Buy Back Chevy Volt From Unhappy Customers
There has been some concern lately over the Chevy Volt’s batteries catching on fire, and GM tried to remedy it by offering loaners to any concerned owners. They are also offering to buy back the vehicles from any customers who aren’t happy with their purchase.

Rim lossRIM Taking $485 Million Hit on Unsold Playbooks
RIM will be announcing their quarterly earnings in the coming weeks, and it’s not looking too good for them at this point. They recently announced that they will write-off $485 million because of the unsold Playbook inventory.

Carrier iqEverything You Need to Know About Carrier IQ
There was a lot of news about Carrier IQ unknowingly being installed and tracking data on a lot of mobile devices, and this article is a nice overview of how it could be affecting you.

Windows 8Microsoft’s Windows 8 Resilient File System (ReFS) Will Be Server Only
The new file system Microsoft has been working on will only be available in the server version of the Windows 8 OS, and it will be able to handle hardware/software errors better.

Youtube redesignNew YouTube Layout Goes Live
The revamped YouTube site is available to everyone, and overall I think the new look is pretty nice. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.

Windows phone demoMicrosoft Releases Interactive Web Demo of Windows Phone
Android and iPhone users can test drive the Windows Phone interface using an online demo that Microsoft has set up.

Spotify appsApps Coming to Spotify Desktop Software
Spotify users can now grab a preview version of the desktop software that can have “apps” enabled, which I see as being more like extensions. It lets you use third-party tools to do things like view lyrics for the song you’re currently listening to.

Skydrive updateMicrosoft Drastically Improves SkyDrive
Microsoft has added a bunch of great features to their SkyDrive service that makes uploading and managing files a lot easier. It still, however, lacks direct Windows Explorer integration.

New google barGoogle Bringing Unified Search/Navigation Bar to Their Services
In an effort to make all their products feel more integrated Google is going to have a universal search/navigation bar that appears at the top of the screen for all their different services. You’ll be able to search, navigate to other products, and share content from the bar.

Xbox 360 black fridayXbox 360 Sold Nearly 1M Consoles Last Week
Microsoft had their biggest sales week in history for the Xbox 360 thanks to Black Friday. They sold 960k consoles last week with over 800k of them being sold within a 24-hour period.

Linux mintLinux Mint 12 “Lisa” Released
Linux Mint 12 adds even more polish to the OS complete with a new desktop and search powered by DuckDuckGo.

Little printerLittle Printer is a Receipt-Sized Newspaper
The nifty Little Printer device is coming out in 2012, and will print off your daily agenda and news on a small piece of paper that you can easily carry anywhere you go.

Chronic dev teamChronic Dev Team Turns to Users to Help Find Exploits in iOS
The Chronic Dev Team has put together a tool you can run on your Windows/Mac machine that will send them your iOS crash reports instead of having them go to Apple, which will help the team find exploits more rapidly.

Google maps indoorsGoogle Mapping the Indoors
Google is venturing into new territory by going inside of buildings to map them. For example, they will be able to provide detailed map layouts of malls and airports.

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Gimp photoshop10 Photoshop Tricks You Can Do Without Photoshop
This guide explains how you can remove red eye, brighten up parts of an image, and more using the free GIMP software.

Mac menu bar brightnessAdjust Screen Brightness From the Mac Menu Bar
If you regularly adjust the brightness on your Mac this Menu Bar app will let you quickly change the screen brightness with a simple slider.

Evernote favorites barEvernote for Windows Gets Favorites Bar
One of the things I liked the most on Evernote for the Mac was the Favorites Bar, and now it is on the Windows version, too. That means you can get one-click access to your most used notes.

Google plus callMake Phone Calls From Within a Google+ Hangout
Google+ now lets you conference people into a Hangout by calling them on a phone.