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Gangnam stylePsy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Become’s Most Viewed YouTube Video of All Time
Psy’s global phenomenon of a song called ‘Gangnam Style’ has officially taken the crown as the most viewed YouTube video of all time. It passed a Justin Bieber music video last week and now has well over 800 million views. And I remember when I first heard about it back when it only had around 40 million views. Crazy!

Google maps floorplanGoogle Maps Brings Indoor Floor Plans to the Desktop
The desktop version of Google Maps that is available in your browser will now show you floor plans for some stores and airports. Around the Chicagoland area it appears to only have major department stores right now.

Windows 8 pirateSecurity Hole Allows Pirates to Get a “Legitimate” Windows 8 Activation for Free
A loophole that was found in Windows 8 allows users to fully activate the OS using a free Windows Media Center product key Microsoft has been making available.

Apple ebayApple Selling Refurbished Products on eBay
For quite awhile Apple has sold refurbished computers, iPods, and more on their own site. Now it appears as though they are branching out to eBay as well, but the prices are the same as what you’d get buying the refurbished items directly from Apple.

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Linux mint 14Linux Mint 14 Available
The new Linux Mint 14 was released, and includes improvements to both the MATE and Cinnamon desktops as well as some other welcome changes.

Windows 8 ui mockupThe Evolution of Windows 8
Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management for the Windows User Experience Team, game an interesting presentation regarding how the interface for Windows 8 evolved into what you see today.

Nokia here mapsNokia’s Here Maps Availble for iOS
If you’re looking for an Apple Maps alternative on your iOS device you may want to search the App Store for Nokia’s “Here Maps”.