Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


ipad review.jpgEngadget’s iPad Review
The WiFi model of the iPad was released on Saturday, and Engadget did a detailed write-up of their initial impressions. One common denominator amongst most of the reviews I’ve read is that the iPad surpasses the 10-hour battery life that Apple boasts on their site. The battery life is definitely an important aspect to a mobile device like this, and is one of the shining points.

–News in Brief–

itunes logo.jpgiTunes 9.1 Adds iPad/iBook Support
Apple has released an update to iTunes that adds the needed iPad and iBook compatibility.

wordpress.jpgWordPress 3.0 Beta Revealed
This upcoming version of WordPress will include a new default theme, WordPress MU functionality, and more.

wolfram iphone.jpgWolfram Alpha Dramatically Drops iPhone App Price
Wolfram has dropped the price of their iPhone app to $2 from $50, and is reopening the mobile version of their site.

state of the internet.jpgMozilla’s First State of the Internet Report
Mozilla breaks down stats of Firefox users including average number of tabs open, time of day usage, and more.

chromium.jpgGoogle Integrating Flash into Chrome
Google has said that they are integrating Flash into the browser instead of it being a third-party download.

office 2011.jpgFirst Screenshots of Office 2011 for Mac
These screenshots show off a more Office 2007-style version of the productivity suite for the Mac.

firefox 37.jpgFirefox 3.7 Nightly Theme Uses Aero Glass
Mozilla has begun dressing up Firefox 3.7 for Vista and Windows 7 users by including native Aero Glass support in the theme.

gmail detect.jpgGmail Detects Suspicious Activity
Google now tries to detect suspicious activity by looking at the IP address that you’re using to login.

adobe cs5.jpgAdobe Announces CS5 Release Date
Adobe has started a countdown for the global launch of Adobe CS5 on April 12th.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

mastering windows search.jpgMastering Windows Search using Advanced Queries
Ars Technica walks you through some advanced queries you can use in Windows 7 to help refine your searches even more. This includes looking for specific music files, photos, recorded TV, emails, and much more. The advanced syntax will take getting used to, but can greatly improve the quality of the results you’ll receive.

zeuapp.jpgZeuApp Makes App Downloads a Breeze
ZeuApp is a free portable program that divides 82 different apps into 10 categories, and puts them just one click away. Unfortunately it only serves as an interface to download the apps, and will still need to be installed by you. I can see it saving a bunch of time when you are setting up a new PC though.

–Tips in Brief–

gmail ipad.jpgUsing Gmail’s iPad Interface on Your Desktop Browser
By modifying your browser’s user agent you can actually use Gmail’s iPad-optimized interface on your desktop browser.

7 taskbar tweaker.jpgChange Features of the Windows 7 Taskbar
Adjust how clicks and actions behave when performed on the Windows 7 Taskbar.

alt tab.jpgChange the Size of Alt-Tab Previews in Windows 7
This free app will customize just about every aspect of the Alt-Tab interface in Windows 7.

media center.jpg3 More Plugins for Windows Media Center
A few Windows Media Center plugins that let you view photos, watch videos, and read email.

search.jpg40 Great Tools for System Admins
A rundown of 40 utilities that sysadmins should always have accessible.

aquasnap.jpgAquaSnap Brings Windows 7 Features to Vista/XP
Add features like Aero Snap, Aero Shake, and more to your Vista or XP machine.

secondshell.jpgMaximize Windows Vertically or Horizontally
This utility will let you maximize windows both vertically and horizontally independent of each other.

stalled print.jpgImmediately Cancel Failed Print Jobs
When you have a printer job that just won’t end you can revert to this utility.

resizeable.jpgMake Non-Resizeable Windows Adjustable
Make virtually any windows resizable with ResizeEnable.